Protection Spells, Rituals and Amulets
In life we all have times we feel weak or venerable. Perhaps you are having a bad day, or someone is spreading gossip or rumour, you have to work with negative people or in a very demanding environment.

Its at this time a simple protection Ritual, Spell or Talisman can give the added strength and comfort needed to get past the problem. Sometimes just a small talisman or amulet can be an aide, other times we need the stronger protection of a spell or ritual. What ever the situation you will find something to help you here.

Common Crystals for Protection
Black Tourmaline - protection against physical or psychic attacks, negative thoughts and energy.
Amber - general protection of soul and aura.
Amethyst - protection against psychic attack.
Bloodstone - gives psychic protection.
Fluorite - works as a psychic shield while in psychic and spirit realms.
Jet - wards off negative energy.
Labradorite - protects against negative energy and psychic attack,
Malachite - protects against negativity from others as well as psychic attack.
Obsidian - helps protect against negative influences and energies.
Opal - protection from those who may wish you harm.
Peridot - protection against negative forces.
Smoky Quartz - protection against negative energies and influences.

Archangel Michael's Flaming Sword Protection Pouch
Small white pouch with gold drawstring
Angelica root
Frankincense resin
Myrrh resin
Something to represent a small blue sword
First burn Frankincense & Myrrh to attract Archangel Michael's attention then call to him with this invocation
Michael to the right of me
Michael to the left of me
Michael above me
Michael below me
Michael within me
Michael all around me
Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue, please protect me
Request Michael's assistance and describe the situation you are in.
Into the pouch add a few grains of Frankincense resin, myrrh resin, the Angelica root and the item representing the sword
Carry this with you.

To Break the powers of a Spell...
Are things happening to you that you can't explain? Most often it is bad luck, but if you really believe that someone has put a spell on you, here is a spell to undo what's been done!
YOU NEED: black candle, water and a black bowl
Place the candle into the black bowl, fix the candle to the bowl using the wax drippings from the candle so that it stands alone. Fill the bowl to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the wick. Breathe deeply and meditate for a couple of minutes. When your mind is clear, light the candle. Visualize the power of the spell cast against you as living within the candles flame. As the candle burns down, it will splutter and go out as it touches the water. As it is extinguished by the water, the spell is broken. Finally, dig a hole in to the ground, pour the water into it, then bury the candle.
Reversal Spell
This is an UNBELIEVABLY simple spell that will reverse your last spell.
For example, if you made it rain, it will make it stop raining.
It also removes your last spell, like if you put a lust spell on somebody and want to get rid of it.
First off, think about the last spell you cast, because this only works for your most recent spell, hex, curse, whatever you did.
Just think about the actual magic you performed, then think about how it went wrong.
This should take no more than 20 seconds AT THE MOST.
Now say this in a clear voice in these EXACT words without stuttering, mumbling, getting your tongue twisted, etc.:
"My spell went wrong,
Please reverse it,
Don't mess it up,
And don't pervert it."
To Stop Slander or Gossip
A piece of paper
Time: By night time
Light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to contain the fire.
Write on a piece of paper that is 3 inches x 3 inches, the word Rumours
Under that write the rumours that are being spread about you.
Do not write the names of those who are slandering you!
You do not want to harm them and suffer the consequences with karma!
Be thinking of these lies going away never to return as you draw an X with a dark marker across the paper.
Toss the paper into the fire
Repeat the following words 3 times:
"Rumours, slander standing stout, with this X, I cross you out
I toss their words into the fire, all these lies no longer hire
All bad things done and said, leave my life, be gone be dead!
All the evil that they say, make it all go away!
Rumours carry me no more, be gone be dead, be no more!"
Sit and concentrate on all the bad gossip going away for a few minutes, then extinguish the fire.

Spell to Protect Pets
 Pet fur
red thread of silk
Take some fur of the cat (shed fur will do nicely).
Tie the fur into a bunch with some red thread
(silk by preference, although cotton or even acrylic will do).
Invoke the blessing of your patron deity.
Place consecrated fur into a canister (the following is imperative!).
Seal the canister with red wax (just a dab will do)
Place canister next to pet's usual exit. 
Annoying Neighbour Spell
 A yellow candle
A teaspoon of salt
Half a cup of Olive Oil
A chicken feather
Time: Sunset on the eve of a New Moon
Gather up your ingredients and go to a quiet area in your home where you can be alone
Light the candle and put the salt into the cup of Olive Oil.
Pick up the feather and repeat these words:
"C’Auda Draconis
Help me in my time of need I want {person’s name here}
to move away from me. In good health let them be
their possessions - let them keep Let wheels begin to help them move-
to-move away from me. This is my will"
Removal of a Spell
To undo a Spell
Items: One bead from a necklace
A small patch of black cloth
Time: Any night after midnight, facing east. Best on waning moon.
Place the pearl/bead in the black cloth and add your angelica herbs
Tie up tightly in the string until you have wrapped the pearl/bead entirely in the cloth.
Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on your final knot you tie.
Say the following:
"I cast a spell asking, I now ask the favour of having the spell removed.
I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own
to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good,
I give this bead from a necklace I own.
I transfer the spell into the and render the spell dormant.
No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell.
No further power shall it have.
This is my will -so be it."
Then throw the small package away far from your home.

Negate An Earth Spell
3 cloves of garlic
With water, grind the garlic into a paste.
Rub the paste on the souls of the afflicted person's shoes, and on the front step of his/her home.
Create a blessing with the Sun retribution Symbol invoking enlighten and clarity. 

To break the powers of a spell (against you)
 1 large black candle
Cauldron or large black bowl
Place the candle in the bowl, affixing it with droppings of another black candle.
The candle should be tall enough to extend a few inches above the rim.
Fill the cauldron to the rim with fresh water, without welling the candle's wick.
Deep breathe meditate, clear your mind and light the candle.
Visualize the suspected spell's power as residing within the candles flame.
Sit in quiet contemplation of the candle and visualize the power flowing and growing within
the candle's flame.
As the candle burns down, its flame will eventually sputter and go out as it contacts the water.
As soon as the water has extinguished the flame, the spell will be dispersed.
See the spell power explode into dust.
Pour water in a hole in the ground and bury the candle.
Simple Protection
To break a hex
If you ever feel that someone is putting negative energy or an outright curse upon
you, this will break it and return it upon them.
If you are not sure who your enemy is - it does not matter - this spell will return only negative thoughts and
hexes directed at you.
A sprig of rosemary
A piece of yellow paper
A red pen
A red cloth
Paprika or red pepper
A piece of red cotton string
Time: Midnight on a Saturday night
While you are performing this spell - carry a piece of rosemary with you at all times.
Write the person's name on the piece of yellow paper.
If unsure who is sending all of this negativity to you, simply write,
"Enemy Mine"
Using the red pen, draw a figure of a doll shape around the name
Cut out the shape with your scissors.
Lay the paper doll face down on the red cloth
Sprinkle with the paprika or red pepper (your choice).
Tie a string around the middle of your doll, then wrap
up the doll tightly with the red cloth
Hold in your hands and repeat these words:
"Enemy Mine your power is gone.
The hex is broken the spell undone.
The eye has been turned away.
Enemy mine you've gone away
So shall it be from this day this spell is cast -
the spell will last until your apology sets you free by me. This is my will so it will be!"
Perform this spell for 7 consecutive nights at midnight
On the next Sunday night, unwrap the paper doll and tear it into nine pieces then burn it.
Scatter the ashes FAR away from your home and throw the red cloth into the garbage. 
Home Secure Spell
A chosen deity
Time: weaning Moon, as close to New Moon as possible.
Raise your Athame in salute to your chosen deity asking their assistance in your "house cleaning".
Now, beginning at the front door, walk throughout your home clockwise.
At each window, door or other opening, make an invoking pentagram with your Athame.
You may chant:
"<name of deity> I ask today, keep all harm afar away,
Set your guard ever near, let no evil enter here"
Go through your entire home being completely made of and sealed with white light.
Thank your deity for their aid.
Ritual Spell for Removing Negativity
Ensure you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes
Light either a white or black candle
"Mother nature hear my plea
Remove my negative energy.
Bring me thoughts of quiet peace
Tranquillity and harmony"
After chanting awhile sit in comfortable position and concentrate on your breathing.
Breathe in the good when you breathe in and breathe out the bad when you breathe out.
Extinguish the candle
Do this for 10 minutes.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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