Hexes or Bad Luck Spells

*Do not attempt hexing unless you fully know and understand what it is you are undertaking*

Where as a curse is a general wish of ill will towards someone, a hex is more powerful. To Hex is to issue direct malevolent harm against either a person or persons, in one instance, a lifetime or longer effecting future generations. Taking preparation and often using a personal item from the target, a hex is not something to jump into. Be very careful with hexes, they can backfire.

Be careful when dealing with the Dark Arts in any way. Using negative energies can be chaotic and very dangerous.

I will not be held responsible if you use anything on this website as you do so with your own volition making your own conscious choices and decisions.

This type of magic has a very high chance to backfire on the caster so all precautions available must be taken.

Do nothing without first thinking about everything with a calm mind.

Also ensure that divination or other scrying methods have been used to be sure of the path ahead.

Unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing do NOT dabble with the Dark Side.

Proceed at your volition!

A Simple Hex
A tall Black Candle
A Rusty knife or Rusty Nail
Black Arts Oil
Moon - Waning
Using the rusty nail or the rusty knife, inscribe your targets name and other identifying details on the candle.  
Anoint the candle with the Black Arts oil.  
At midnight, say "I curse thee ............., feel my wrath" and light the candle.
Allow the candle to continue burning for about 5 minutes then extinguish.
Repeat the procedure for 7 consecutive nights .  
On the eighth day bury the remains in a cemetery.

Simple Bottle Hex
A photo or lock of hair of the target
Piece of black paper
War water
A small sealable bottle or jar
Black candle for sealing wax
On the paper write the full name of the target, it doesn't matter if the ink can be read, as long as it is written and indented into the paper.
Place the paper in the bottle or jar along with the photo or hair.
Place some holly and ivy into the jar.
Cover all with war water.
Seal the jar shut with melted black candle wax.
Bury the jar upside down far from your home somewhere it wont be disturbed

Remember - You Choose to HEX!

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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