Hex and Curse Removal
You feel that you have been Hexed or Cursed?

*In realistic terms the chance that someone has gone to the effort of cursing or hexing you is actually very very rare so you are more likely to be suffering from a run of bad luck or coincidence.*

Remember the most powerful force in cursing and hexing is willpower

The most common and effect way to break it is to overcome their will by being stronger with your own.

If you believe you are cursed or hexed, it will dominate you.

The most powerful magic against this is positive thinking!

But, if you feel though you have been afflicted with something and you need help, there are a few rituals to that could help you.

Archangel Michael Hex Breaker Spell
With a mortar and pestle grind teaspoon of Frankincense Resin, Dragons Blood Resin and Sea Salt to as fine a powder as possible
Blend with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil.
Dress 3 red candles with the oil
Burn the candles in reverence to Archangel Michael
Prepare a bath with the remaining oil and place 4 blue candles at each corner
Light the candle and soak in the bath while the candles burn
Visualize yourself surrounded in the cobalt light from the sword of Archangel Michael

Simple Curse Removal
Place some curse removal powder on a burning charcoal disc in a censer
Allow the smoke to permeate into each room around the home.
Gather the ashes together and in the early morning at sunrise go to a crossroads.
With the burnt ashes in your hands cast the them to the winds in all directions and say
"North, South, East, West.
Take this curse as I am blessed
On winds up high take this away
And I begin being free this day"

Curse Breaking Ritual
Take five small white candles and arrange them in a pentagram.
Place a small black candle in its center.
Light the first white candle.
Using that candle light the next candle, then use that candle to light the next in turn until all white candles are lit
Then use the last lit white candle to light the black candle.
As you light the black candle say
"Begone the curse of evil here
Burning candle disappear
Evil spirits harm ye non
On this night all are gone"
Let the candle burn for 5 minutes all the time using positives thoughts to strengthen the energy removing the curse
Extinguish the black candle first then the white candles.
Take the Black candle and bury it in a stream or edge of a river where the running water will keep it cleansed

Breaking A Voodoo Curse
You will need to know who cast the curse on you, the waning moon and Bloodroot.
At midnight on a waning moon and go to the home of the person who cast the curse.
Quietly place some bloodroot on the doorstep and leave.
This will remove the curse from you and rebound it back at the caster.

Removing a Hex or Curse
Black Candle
In the centre of the cauldron place a black candle, large enough that it protrudes about an ice out of the top.
Fill the pot with water.
Light the candle and say:
Stare at the flame pouring all the negativity into it.
When the wick draws close to the water say -
"If cursed or hexed I truly be
Water cleanse and set me free"
Let the water quench the candle.
Take the candle and water, bury the candle in the earth and pour the water over it.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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