Dream Spells For Night Time Magic
Lovers lost and Found - Messages from the heart
Dreaming and meditation can be a very powerful time for a witch. It is at this time we let go of the world around us and our inner-selves finally speak without constraint. If we listen, we can hear what our hearts or minds are saying. It is a reality check. By using this time for spell work, you can create powerful magic. 

It is recommended before any magic work, either mediation, divination or some other method of self neutralisation is used to prepare yourself for any magic you are going to perform. It is during this time we let go of anything that is distracting us and we open up ourselves to the universe. 
Inspiration from the Gods
5 small candles
Cauldron or small bowl

Place the candles round the cauldron in the form of a pentagram.
Fill the cauldron or bowl with water
Light all the candles,.
When you feel ready, gaze into the bottom of the cauldron, focusing yet not focusing on the water.
Let your mind open and drift for a while.
Afterwards spend some time afterwards meditating upon the visions that you received.

Soulmate Dream Ritual
3 Almonds
3 Raisins

Put the almonds and raisins under your pillow.
Before you go to bed, drink a cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey.
Before you fall asleep keep that special person in mind.
If you wonder if a certain person is your soulmate or “the one" it will tell you in your dream.
In the morning you will know if they are your soulmate from your dreams.
Call The Spirits
Sit in a circle and chant three times
"obey these words of power
watchers of the threshold, watchers at the gate
unbar the guarded door
obey this command of this servant of power"
The spell will bring the spirits of the world to you to serve as a guide to you

Wish Spell
*1 sheet of quality paper/parchment
*a pen/pencil used in magical works
*candles (usually white, can change depending on your wish)

Do a relaxation ritual before this and clear your mind well.
Concentrate on the spell not the joy afterwards.

Take the paper/parchment and draw a pentagram in the middle of it.
Then draw a ying-yang symbol in the middle of it.
Now write down your wish on the top of the sheet.
Then fold the sheet 2-3 times and seal it with your candle.
Then burn it with the fire of candle you sealed it.
While it turns into ashes, repeat your wish inside yourself or out loud.
When it's all ash, sprinkle the ashes from a window or such.

Flying Ointment
Note: Not to be confused with The notorious "Witches Flying Ointment," a dangerous herbal concoction
producing psychedelic effects, was said to be used by Witches in the Middle Ages. It consisted mainly of parsley, hemlock, water of aconite, poplar leaves, soot, bat's
blood, deadly nightshade (or belladonna), Henbane and Hashish. (Of course, Witches didn't really fly; however, the ointment did induce incredible hallucinations, psychic visions and astral projections.)

Modern Flying Ointment
NOTE: For external use only!
The following is a modern Witch's flying ointment recipe.
It is safer and much easier to use:
1/4 cup lard
1/2 tsp clove oil
1 tsp chimney soot
1/4 tsp dried cinquefoil
1/4 tsp dried mugwort
1/4 tsp dried thistle
1/4 dried vervain
1/2 tsp benzoin

Using a mortar and pestle, crush the dried herbs until almost powdered.
In a small cauldron or saucepan, heat the lard over a low flame until it is melted completely.
Add the herbs, the clove oil and chimney soot to the lard base and mix well.
Add the benzoin (a natural preservative) stir together clockwise
Simmer for ten to fifteen minutes.
Strain it through cheesecloth into a small heat resistant container and then allow it to cool.
Store it in your refrigerator or in a cool dark place until it is ready to be used.

On a night of the Full Moon, anoint your temples and Third Eye with a small amount of the flying ointment prior to astral projection or dream magic.

Drawing Desire Spell
Meditation is always carried out before this spell.
After proper meditation, place whatever candles you wish in front of you and begin the drawing.
You may use a pencil and paper, but other things are encouraged as well.
Markers, pens, just not water colours or anything that will take too long to dry.
Draw with power. Invest your self energies and the elemental powers into the drawing.
Draw your desire, may it be love, a curse, protection, anything.
After you have finished drawing, take a candle with the correct colour for the spell and
burn the piece of paper after you have folded it up into a package.
Put the burning paper  on a heat proof surface and watch the flames go out.
As it does, the power of the drawing is released and will begin working.
Let the candle burn itself out.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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