Curses, if you dare!
Casting a curse is not evil if you have a solid reason for doing so
Enjoying the aftermath of a Curse is evil

I will not be held responsible if you use anything on this website as you do so with your own volition making your own conscious choices and decisions. Be careful when dealing with the Dark Arts in any way. Using negative energies can be chaotic and very dangerous.

This type of magic has a very high chance to backfire on the caster so all precautions available must be taken. Do nothing without first thinking about everything with a calm mind. Also ensure that divination or other scrying methods have been used to be sure of the path ahead. Unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing do NOT dabble with the Dark Side.

Curses are dangerous, as is all Dark Arts Magic. Rule of thumb is plan it, cast it, forget about it. Also do not EVER tell anyone about it. Think carefully before using a curse. The planning must be exact. Do not leave any part to chance.

Be careful you do not later feel sympathy for the cursed person, it can rebound on you with ferocity. Do not later enquire about the health or well-being of the subject. You curse and walk away. It is an ending. Do not stop to gloat, at that point you are letting the evil start to enter your soul. 

Basic Curse
Piece of black paper cut into the shape of a person.
Doves Blood Ink
Black Art Oil
Nettle leaves
Small box
A rusty pin
Use the Doves Blood ink to write the name of the person on the paper.
Stick the rusty pin in and out of the centre of the paper.
Place the paper in the box and cover with nettle leaves.
Sprinkle with Black Arts oil.
Close the box and seal it.
Bury the box in a quiet corner of a graveyard and forget about it.

To Curse Someone
A Dark Cloth
4 small black candles
A small box
A small stone
Dandelion leaves
Nettle leaves
War Water
Lay out the cloth and place a candle on each corner.
Place the box in the middle.
Light the candles.
Take the stone and scratch the name onto the surface.
Place the stone in the box and sprinkle the stone with War water.
Place the dandelion and nettle leaves in the box and close it.
Say this chant while using a drop of wax from each candle to seal the box.
"North, South, East or West,
Never again shall you rest.
I curse thee here with fire by four
And seal you in and shut the door."
Leave the box in the centre until the candles burn out.
Bury the box somewhere it wont be discovered and forget about it never returning.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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