Essential Ingredients for the Dark Arts
Basic components needed to be pre-prepared for Black Magic work

If you are seriously considering dabbling in the dark arts, then there are certain preparations and ingredients that are common in these type of magic workings. Some items can take days or longer to prepare so if you think you can jump in a hex or curse then you already have failed to fully study what you are planning to do.

The preparation of these ingredients are often used as a "cooling off" period but, as in all magic, be sure about what you are doing first. Most everyday witches do NOT hold these items in their store cupboard as matter of course.

Common Ingredients
This is a list of some of the main items used in many dark arts magic
Black Pepper
Mustard Seed
Black Candles
Black Arts Oil

Simple Black Arts Oil (for Hexes)
Black Mustard Seed
Black Pepper
Ground Dried Stinging Nettles
Mineral Oil

Grind together equal amounts of each dried ingredient
Place in a dark bottle and cover with mineral oil.
Seal and let stand for 24 hours before use.
*IMPORTANT* Ensure bottle is labelled Poisonous.

Stronger Black Arts Oil
( 9 day preparation.)

Patchouli Essential Oil
Black Pepper Essential Oil
Valerian Root
Black Poodle Dog Hair
Black Mustard Seeds
Spanish Moss
Powdered Sulphur
Whole Black Peppercorns
Almond Oil

Place in a mortar a generous pinch of valerian root, black poodle dog hair, Spanish moss, mullein and powdered sulphur. Add a few black mustard seeds and 9 whole black peppercorns.
Grind together.
Place contents into a small dark jar.
Add 2 drop each of Patchouli and Black Pepper essential oils.
Add enough Almond Oil to cover and shake the bottle well, it will turn into a dark brown colour.
Leave the bottle undisturbed in a dark place for 9 days.
*IMPORTANT* Ensure bottle is labelled Poisonous.

War Water

Old Iron nails (already rusty if possible)
Lemon Juice
A Sealable Jar

If possible cut the rusty nails into pieces. Place the nails in the jar. Add enough water to cover them and a few drops of lemon juice. Leave the jar open in a cool dark place to begin oxidation. After 7 days keep it sealed but still in a dark cold place, keep shaking the jar and periodically opening the jar to keep up oxidization. If any mould or bacteria start to cultivate destroy the batch and start again.

To make the war water more potent you can either add Black Salt or use rain water from a powerful thunderstorm.

Basic Curse Removal Powder

Red Sandalwood
Pine Needles

Grind equal amounts of each in a mortar & pestle.
Place in a dark sealed jar and keep in a dark place.
Ensure you clearly label the jar.

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