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An old spellbookAn old spellbookSpells, Potions, Charms and Talismans

We all have times in our lives we need something extra, some bit of advice, help, a boost of confidence, strength, a good talking too or just a listening ear. Sometimes our problems are so very personal there is no one in reality we can truly feel comfortable talking too. At these times we can take things into our own hands and by the use of a Spell, Ritual or Talisman we can find a way to overcome.

Sometimes in times of stress, heartache or struggle, its just a boost we needed, a positive thought or action is enough to give us the strength or confidence to get us past the obstacle in front of us.  
Spells, Rituals, Talismans and Invocations can help deal with whatever you need at that time in life. Some are very simple, some are very complicated and in-depth.

In this section you will find information on many old tradition healing methods including the ingredients needed, many of which can be locally sourced. Use what you need to help you in that moment in your life where you need that something extra to help you over that obstacle in your way.

These pages have many recipes for Potions & Oils, as well as spells covering Protection, Invocations, Rituals, Talismans, Hexes, Curses plus Hex and Curse Removal.

Please note: this section contains spells from all sides of magic including black magic. Use of these spells, rituals or recipes must be used with caution and through your own direct choice.

You must also understand and fully acknowledge and accept any consequences if you choose to use any of this information for dark reasons.

Index of Spell Pages
Common Ingredients
General Healing Spells
Everyday Life Spells
Self Healing Spells
Dream Spells
Love Spells

Hex and Curse Removal


A SpellbookA Spellbook

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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