To Be a Witch?

So What Is A Witch?

Well, the common description of a witch is "A woman thought to have evil magic powers, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick" Sound familiar? Well get all thoughts of that, Hogwarts, Disney and old hags etc out of your mind. Today a witch is nature, are very earth-based and spiritual, and is self awareness, is earth bound and spiritually free. A Witch takes responsibility for their own actions, understands the Balance of Nature, A Witch focuses a lot on nature! But more importantly a Witch is true to themselves. Pentacle with spellbook and candlePentacle with spellbook and candle 

The most common path of paganism is the path of a witch. Please not that a male witch is NOT a warlock, he is also a Witch! A Warlock again is a completely different path. A Witch is not a Satanist, in fact pagans do not even believe in Satan as it is a Christian manifestation brought about to instill fear of the pagan religion and witches in general.

The problem though with being a Witch and practicing Witchcraft today is as soon as somebody says they are a witch or practice witchcraft, it is immediately assumed by too many that they are Wicca. Guess what? Not all Witches are Wicca. Though Wicca today has a heavy influence in Witchcraft it is not the only path. In fact I would recommend anyone seeking the path to spend a long time researching the correct path for themselves. Wicca does not suit everyone.

In the Middle Ages before the Witch hunts and Christianity took over, a Witch was known as a Wise woman, healer or herbalist band was both feared and respected. They knew nature, the right time of the season for certain tasks, the plants to use in their potions for healing. In fact a lot of those plant remedies are still used today.  


Do you REALLY want to be a Witch?

Did you read something, or see something on TV? Then you have no real desire, you just fancy the idea of calling yourself a Witch and you fancy the idea of "casting spells". You must understand that being a Witch is a calling, it is driven by something inside you. It is a deep compulsive need to discover the path. Its not about wearing a black cloak, holding a wand, casting spells and making things sparkle! Its about understanding nature, energy, the life force of the Earth and the Universe, about being one with it all. It is about years of study, learning, understanding and FAILING!! No one just picks up a crystal ball and can see within. You have to learn to concentrate, to focus, to let go before you can see. It takes years to become what you need to be, its not a passing fad, its a way of life. It is DEDICATION.

Let's look deeper into the meaning of the term "Witch". A witch is a pagan, and paganism is a religion not unlike Christianity in the way that it is a path of spirituality but from there the similarities end. Paganism is one of the oldest religions in the world and if truth be told today it would be bigger than Christianity if the Christians in the middle ages had not wiped out most pagan practitioners.  

When one thinks of a witch, the first thing to come to mind is spellcasting. Forget what you think you knew about magic and spells as in all things, there is much more lie when truth in the general knowledge of things. This is one of the reasons why I cannot stress hard enough that before you can say you are a witch you must understand the true meaning. To be a witch however, you do not engage in ritual, cast a spells, or perform magical acts. Being a witch is more about your life, your spirituality and your association with nature and the energies around you. There is no set path to being a witch. It is a path that evolves as you evolve and as you learn your path will change, discovering your true self is the true meaning of being a witch.  
Preparing to cast magicPreparing to cast magic

Today, many women and also men consider themselves to be a witch. One of the most popular and common sign of a pagan is the wearing of a pentacle or pentagram. This symbol is a sign of protection , usually in the form of an amulet that is the easiest for all new starters of the path to acquire. Also, the wearing of this symbol help other pagans to recognise you and is a sign of your own following of the pagan religion in the same manner that the Christian would wear the cross of Jesus.

At this point I would like to draw your attention to the fact that an inverted pentagram is not evil or Satanic. It is an indication of an ending and beginning or a new start. Witches also often create other charms of protection for themselves and their homes. Charms and talismans can be infused with various magical elements to give them certain powers such as protection from evil, safe travel, luck, love, happiness and alleviate stress.  

There are many aspects to being a witch and how many or how few you practice does not influence how good a witch you are, its how you conduct yourself, living in harmony with nature, your understanding of the force and elemental energies around you that make you a powerful witch.  

Do you....
Enjoy ancient stories myths, legends and fairy tales?
Constantly search for knowledge and have a curiosity of everything around you?
Embrace the night, you are nocturnal, by nature?
Embrace nature, wildlife, everything around you?
Believe everything around you has a positive energy, trees, plants, all are alive with their own spirit?
Feel at home with wild animals, wild weather, wild places on earth as a whole?
Find you've always been fascinated by magic or the occult, hidden power and mysteries?
Feel drawn to Darkness, it doesn't scare you?
Find you are independent by nature, you make your own rules. You value your privacy and can be relaxed on your own, be solitary?
Look at the universe is a mystery still waiting to be explained and believe not everything can be explained by science?
Think about being a witch and it does not scare you.

Do you still think you are you a witch?

How Do You Become A Witch?

To be a witch does not mean that you are an outcast who lives in the woods wearing a pointed hat with big warts at the end of your nose, casting negative spells around a cauldron, flying through the night sky with your familiar sat on the end of your broomstick seeking out and preying on unfortunate weak-minded people, making them do things against their will.

To be a witch means that you are wise and beautiful from the inside out and you are able to work with the energies of the universe that have an effect on every male and female, not to mention the planet itself, knowing how to connect the energies you are working with before you can cast your first spell.

To be a witch you will need to learn how to work with the energies of nature that surround you in your daily life, the elements of air, fire, water, earth and spirit, balancing the energies of the universe. You will also need to learn all about your tools of the craft, why you use them and what you use them for.

To be called a witch should always be taken as a compliment and never as an insult, as the word witch means wise one and the word witchcraft means wise craft.


Why do you want to be a witch?
Common reasons include
you read a book
you found a website
you saw a film
you talked to someone who said that they are a witch
You have an interest in witchcraft
This path is not for the faint-hearted! Even in this age of "supposed" understanding it is still very much looked on with distain. Are you more introvert or extrovert? Do you have grand dreams of leading a large coven, casting the ritual circle with many others of the same faith, smoking incense and flickering candles all around appeal to you? Would you prefer the company of a few close and intimate friends? Or would you rather simply sit quietly with your own altar, in your own candle light in quiet contemplation? You can look at being part of a coven. Ask yourself the reasons that you would want to be part of a coven. Or you could look for a pagan group,  what sort of group might that be? Or why do you think you prefer to work alone, the path of a solitary witch? Where do you start? spend time alone to think carefully about how you feel and what you want for yourself. Some people think at the onset that Witchcraft will allow them to change other people or circumstances but you will be the one who changes as you explore this Path. Do you really want to change? Are you ready

Witchcraft - The Starting Path

Witch or Wicca?

Do you know the difference?

Did you know there was a difference?

Wicca often call themselves Witches, but you will find NO true "traditional Witch" who will call themselves Wicca!
What is the difference? check out my Witch Vs Wicca page


Walking The Path

Begin by Reading
Study! Read! Study more! Read more!

You are expected to do a lot of research on your own and a lot of it. This is actually a very healthy way to approach the study of any Path that you are considering. I can not emphasis enough about how much research you must do to walk this path. It becomes your life, who you are. Some things will appeal to you right away and some other things will seem too fantastic. Accept or reject nothing at this stage, just do research.

Read many, many books on the subject. All and any type of book that touches on the subject, including History, Myths, Poetry, Psychology and Science as well as books on Paganism, Witchcraft and Magic. Always take notes especially passages that particularly interest you. At this stage You should enjoy what you read and this should help you to retain what you read.

You should approach witchcraft with an open mind, you must question everything. You may have to defend your faith so by asking we find the answers we are looking for and eventually help you to formulate your own ideas about what this Path may mean to you and where it may take you.
Also take your time, this path you will walk for a lifetime. Don't jump straight into a coven or group. This will probably hinder your development more than help it. You need to find out if you are on the right path first. You do not have to join a coven or group. Often Witches, after much trial and error find that they actually prefer to work alone.  

Start a journal,  your own "Book of Shadows".  Write down both the things that you have found to be of interest and the things that you would like to know more about.  Concentration is the most important skill in magic. Disciplining yourself to make regular entries into a journal and writing things down will help you to develop concentration.

Honing your Path
How do you feel about the path you are on? Does it come naturally? Are you comfortable with this Path that you are researching? You need to think about this a lot. It will save you much disillusionment in the future. You may begin to collect a tool or two or think about setting up an altar area. You start buying lots and lots of candles and incense. You browse the herb shops and look through catalogues for magical items. You may even buy some things. You are beginning to actually make some outward decisions about what you feel inside.

Now what? This is where you begin to exercise your discretion a bit. By now you should have read many, many books, have tons of notes and started to write faithfully in your Book of Shadows or journal. As you start weeding out the things that you have decided are not for you and embracing what does feel right you are also making decisions about what sort of practice – group or solitary - you may eventually be comfortable with. Begin to think about which Way appeals to you...Celtic? Egyptian? Druid? Also think about deities and ritual structure. Who, if anyone, speaks to you? What sort of relationship would you have with the deity of your choice? What are the symbols associated with these deities? Continue to read, study and record notes in your journal. Why did you choose this Athame over that wand? Why do you prefer sandalwood to jasmine? All the time, you are learning, it never stops.


Calling Yourself A Witch
It is extremely important for a new witch to learn about magical correspondences. You are required to study the magical correspondences of the days, hours, moon phases, elements, cardinal directions, crystals, candles, herbs and so on. There are a lot sources online which help you learn about magical correspondences for witchcraft. You should be by now opening your book of shadows (a witches journal or diary) and noting down everything you learn. You don’t need to have a lot of experience for this. All you have to do is put down your thoughts, notes and dreams. Note down all you experiences and before long you might even find yourself writing spells and practicing magic!

Studying about energy is emphasized in all occult practices. So if you are interested in witchcraft, you must know about energy. Everything in witchcraft is run on energy and emotion; it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner of witchcraft. Energy is everywhere and it constantly surrounds us. Energy is a force which holds the entire universe together. When you begin studying witchcraft, you will be required to spend some time daily to meditate, relax and feel the energy about you. Observe your breathing as you take in long and deep breaths. Breathing and meditating are great ways to generate energy.

Meditation, burning candles, repeating incantations, chanting, and performing sacred rituals are just some of the ways that spells are cast. Some practicing witches will prepare herbal infusions, magical oils, or use incenses to perform a spell. It is believed that witches use the energy attached to people and other objects to cast spells that affect a particular individuals or item. Spell casting can be anything from the simplest form as in candle magic or standing in the light of a full moon and making a silent incantation, affirmation or vow to the most complex that can take weeks of preparation and contain many unique and rare ingredients.

A witch keeps records of her successes and failures in her Grimoire, a magical record book. The witch is not a scientist, yet she uses observation and intuition to verify her magical reality. Results will vary, according to the witch's development, powers of belief, imagination, the repetition of the spell or ritual, and even the help and interaction given by the spiritual beings if so asked.

Also you will have begun building a set of magic tools. A good witch usually has access to certain tools like a wand, a pentacle, an altar with a cloth, various herbs and candles of various colors among other items. Remember though, these are just tools, nothing is actually required, as you go on you will find what tools feels right to you.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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