Choose Your Magical or Craft Name

What is a Magic or Craft name?

Your daily name was given to you by your parents. When you begin on your path of magic exploration one of the changes many make is choosing a magic name, what some also refer to as your "craft" name or to others your "true" name. This name usually becomes a turning point, part of the evolution to a new higher understanding of themselves and the magic forces they will be working with. Do you have to have a magic name? No! Like all things in magic, you choose your path.

How do you decide your name?
Some will say you do not need a magic name. Others will say you will when you are initiated into their coven etc. Do not listen to others, listen to yourself. If a name is calling you then it does so for a reason. Some never use a magic name, some choose one and keep it secret to themselves, others choose a new name and use it in all magic workings, a few change to their magic name in all entirety in their whole of life workings. The choice is yours. Follow what YOU feel is right.

Where do you begin?  
You choose your name! It can be one word, two or three or more but I would resist the idea of starting it with Lord, lady or other such titles. Is there something you are connected to, feel at home and comfortable with. It does not need to have anything to do with magic! (like Goth?). If you can not think of anything that you feel associated with, begin with a list. Create a list of things you like. This can include gems, birds, trees, elements, flowers, planets, colours or anything else that comes to mind.

Maybe there is a flower or herb, a metal or element or some animal or bird they have felt close to. Some even use names of ancient Gods & Goddesses. Some people have always had an idea of what their magic name is, others may find that finding their true name very hard. Think about the colours, textures, smells or feeling of each item you list. Some use meditation to help them choose, others divination. It should "feel" right, it should reflect yourself. Like everything else in magic if it doesn't feel right then its wrong.

It can take some time to find your name, or it may suddenly pop into your mind.

Moonlight Lily
Willow Moon
Autumn Moonrise
Spirit Eagle
Artemis Hawk
Rose of the Nile
Isis Willowbark
Wolf Howlingmoon
Mist Walker

Remember your magic or craft name is one of your own choosing. Do not rush, let it come to you.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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