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An old cathedral or religious meeting placeAn old cathedral or religious meeting placeWhat is a Deity?

Basically in its simplest term a deity is a God or Goddess. There are hundreds of deities in dozens of different Witchcraft belief systems. If you follow the Wicca path then you will work very very closely with deities. The deity you will work with will depend on what you want to do. If you are working with the Greek pantheon* and you need to attract some love, you may call on Aphrodite. Some deities are lighter and others are darker. Be aware of the qualities of the deity you are working with, look at is the archetype. Athena for example is a Goddess of War, Venus is love, Bast is cats, Nyx is night.

To find your Gods or Goddesses, read about all cultures, not just the ones you already know about. Please bear in mind that selecting the right deities does not happen in 10 or 15 minutes, sometimes it can take a days or longer. Find Gods and Goddesses that fit with the path you are on, specialize in things you care about. You want at least one God and one Goddess, usually about five to nine is a good number but you should keep it balanced, unless you have chosen to follow the “Dianic” path of witchcraft then you will only follow feminine deities. Eventually you will finally align yourself with the right deities for your path. Build a personal pantheon and work with them until you know them well.

Wiccan Practitioners usually have an altar in their home where they honor the Goddess and God. The altar usually includes figurines, candles and sometimes tools that represent the Deities. The Deities are invoked with mental powers and invited to stay for the rituals. After the spell, the Deities are thanked and their energies are allowed to leave. The energy of the Deity is believed to exist in the figurines or candles during the time that they are invoked and allowed to stay. Just remember, there is no wrong way of honoring a deity.

There are 3 different levels of deity belief, non are right or wrong. You follow your own path as in all things magic.

Monotheistic (belief in a single deity)

Duo theistic (belief in two deities, usually nameless

Polytheistic (belief in many deities)

There are even some Wicca who do not work with any deities.

A Pantheon is the collection of all the deities from one culture. It can also be a temple that has been dedicated to a variety of different  Gods.

These are some of the most common Pantheons

To find out more about any God, Goddess or to see the full list, the best site to go to is Godchecker


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I am not Wicca, but I have researched and follow in some part the following Gods and Goddesses. Remember that following the path of magic is personal to you. The only way magic will work is if you follow your own heart of what is right and wrong. You do whatever feels right for you. Research, learning and questioning is how we evolve, how we become what the Universe intended. It does not really matter how you get there, or even if you get there, it does matter that you walk the path of discovery of who you are.  


My Pantheon

I have followed Isis all my life. I found her as a child and have walked beside her all my life. She is always beside me even if working with other deities. I have found her a stabilizing influence through my life especially when as a child I had difficulty within school etc with the Christian teachings.  Once I had found her, life became a lot easier.

Nyx has always been in the shadows, it has taken many years to reveal her true identity as she has been very elusive, making me search for her true existence and prove I am worthy of her.
Bast came in my teenage years through my affection to cats I felt drawn towards her.  Working with Bast is very rare as her magic is very predefined but when she is called upon she has always been there for me.

Hunab Ku I found a few years ago, though not very well known I was introduced to this God while on a journey of rebirth in my life. While at a crossroads searching for some direction I met a friend who has since become a soul mate and a firm rock in a sea of turbulence. It was through this friend I discovered this God among Gods of the Maya, father of the Universe. He has been very influential in my life since finding him.

Hecate, I found this dark goddess after finally embracing the fact that I have a dark side. I am who I am and can not change that. Since I accepted that fact I found that Hecate stood beside me when working with some "darker" magic of my life. Powerful and demanding, her rewards to her faithful are most profound.


Isis (Egyptian)

The Egyptian Goddess IsisThe Egyptian Goddess IsisHer name is the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian word for “throne.”
Isis was initially an obscure goddess who lacked her own dedicated temples until she became the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Originally known as Au Set in Egypt she was called the "Oldest of the Old." Isis is one of the earliest and most important gods in ancient Egypt, incredibly intelligent and powerful. She was regarded as the feminine counterpart to Osiris. As a winged goddess she may represent the wind.  

Isis was a great enchantress, the goddess of magic which she then brought into the world of man. Isis joined magic, wisdom and the laws of nature to make the fundamental element of Isian magic. Isis was also a compassionate Goddess who also introduced medicine to the world. Sirius, the Dog Star is the prime star of Isis, and the place where her soul was considered to reside by the Egyptians.

In later periods the worship of Isis spread from Egypt to Greece and subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and there is even a temple of Isis in Pompeii. Her cult now is worshipped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today.

Isis is a benevolent goddess who usually answers prayers. Take care on calling Isis for her special magic is most profound and should be treated as such. Therefore, invoking this influential deity must be done with great reverence and an open heart. Calling on her for blessings, love, romance, friendship, healing, protection, solace, or strength during trying times, Isis manifests in sea mist, sunlight, and moonlight.

She is also most powerful in matters of transformation and change. You can invoke her anywhere and at any time but depending on the invocation, noon, sunset and midnight and dawn are all powerful times for her. Places where rivers and streams meet the sea are best to invoke her sea goddesses aspect. When invoking Isis it is good to use white, dark-blue or orange candles with an incense that is heavy with an earthy scent like musk. Offerings to Isis can include incense like myrrh, honey, tree fruit, rosewater or sweet dark wine. 


Nyx (Greek)
The Mysterious Greek Goddess NyxThe Mysterious Greek Goddess NyxVery little is known of Nyx. In Greek mythology Nyx was the goddess of the night. Later as Nyx was incorporated into Roman mythology she became known as "Nox"

One of the first born elemental gods, Nyx was the daughter of Chaos, sister of Gaia and sister/wife to Erebos, God of darkness. Her offspring are many, and telling, including Momus (blame), Moros (doom), Thanatos (death), Hypnos (sleep), Charon (the ferryman of Hades). Nyx was the personification of Night, dark with mysterious powers it was said even Zeus feared her.

Nyx had prophetic powers, and gave oracles from a cave. Goddess of the  night, she was also phychic, manipulating thoughts, bringer of truth. It was said she was older and more powerful than Zeus, who deferred to Her wishes. Nyx resided in Tartarus, in the depths of Hades' Underworld which Nyx shared with her daughter Hemera, the Goddess of the Day, though the two of them only met on passing during the transition from day to night. Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power and beauty.

She was often depicted as having wings and wearing a long black flowing dress and veil covered in blinking stars. She turns day into night by spreading her veil out over the sky and enveloping the earth as she rides through the sky in a chariot.

Nyx is a good Goddess to call forth when you need to reach your original true essence and awareness.

Bast (Egyptian)
The Egyptian Goddess Bast every Cat lover knowsThe Egyptian Goddess Bast every Cat lover knowsPatron of the sun (originally), the moon (after the Greeks), cats, women, and secrets, Goddess of Protection and Pleasure.

The cult of Bast originally sprouted up around the town of Bubastis, which takes its name from her.

She was probably the most famous Egyptian goddess after Isis. To those who were in her favor, she gave great blessings, but her wrath was legendary. Her worship was widespread, and her cult apparently had a great deal of power.

Also called Bastet, she was a goddess of sex and fertility, but she was also recognized as the goddess of music and dance. She was originally a sun goddess, but after contact with the Greeks, she changed to a moon goddess, so she is one of the few sun goddesses that can also be classified as a moon goddess, her glowing cat's eyes reminding us of the moon that it reflects within.

Cats were sacred to Bast, and to harm one was deemed a great transgression. Bast's importance in the Egyptian pantheon might be due to the great value placed on the domesticated cat by the Egyptians.

Utchat Charm of protection in Ancient EgyptUtchat Charm of protection in Ancient EgyptMost households in Egypt contained a small statue of Bast as a form of household protection or they used the utchat or all-seeing eye. This symbol could be hung over the door as a deterrent to thieves and vandals or was placed over the fire to help avert illness. For the traveler it was worn around the neck as an amulet taking the power of the Goddess with them.

Bast will bring out the feminine feline within you. Even though both women and men are drawn to her and she accepts both with equal standing, the female spirit of her essence can have an invigorating effect on those who seek her sensual side. Bast, in her infinite wisdom teaches us to relax, she reminding us to bathe in beauty, use perfume liberally, and to embrace the graceful movements of dance. Bast refuses to take anything too seriously.

Bast is a wise goddess. She can be invoked to help with problems concerning domestic life, work situations and success, as well as love and good health. You can also call on Bast for more serious aid if you are seeking courage, strength or are in danger. Her sacred candle colors are red, green and white. Bast can also be invoked to help balance our sacral Chakra by gathering together several gemstones that symbolize fire, these can include such as coral, tiger’s eye and amber. Lighting an orange candle will help symbolize the orange energy of the sacral Chakra.

Hunab Ku (Mayan)
The Mayan Symbol for the God at the center of the Galactic Universe - Hunab KuThe Mayan Symbol for the God at the center of the Galactic Universe - Hunab KuThis symbol is called the Galactic Butterfly which is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy.

The Mayans, without the aid of telescopes, watched the night sky and created at least twenty different calendars, based on the movements of Venus, in particular, but also on Mars, and other heavenly bodies. They could see into the Milky Way and knew where its center was. They called that center, “The Galactic Butterfly.” The Hunab Ku.

The supreme god and creator of the Maya, Hunab Ku was also known as "Only Spirit" or "The One God" .

Hunab Ku is also the consciousness which organized all matter into stars, planets and solar systems. It represented the gateway all of the consciousness that has ever existed in our galaxy.

Hecate (Greek)
The Greek Goddess Hecate, Maiden, other and the Old CroneThe Greek Goddess Hecate, Maiden, other and the Old CroneOrigin: Greece (originally Thracian).

Attributes: Wisdom, eternity, magic, sorcery, prophecy, mystery,

Symbols: Crossroads, blazing torch, hounds, Black Moon, keys, a ring, scepter, crown, torches, and the cauldron

Color: Black.

Hecate (or HEKATE) represents three aspects of the Goddess as Maiden, Mother and Crone. Never having any children she was a virgin goddess. Hecate was the Goddess of magic, sorcery, the night, moon, ghosts, necromancy, witchcraft and a consort to witches. Hecate with her blazing torch and her spectral hounds was worshiped at the intersections of three roads. Although some have demonized her as an evil sorceress, many cultures have deemed her wise and powerful. A Goddess of the night ensure you only call her Full Moon, while the Moon is waning, and on the dark nights just before the New Moon. The candles you should use in calling this powerful deity should be green, black, or white.

You can call on her in areas of knowledge of magic, witchcraft, enchantment and charms, blessings, spell casting, dream working, healing, purification, incantations, prophecy, reincarnation, lunar magic, psychic work and cauldron spells. But her most powerful magic is associated with profound transformations. If you walk a darker path you can also invoke her for black magic, curses, hexing & vengeance, necromancy and demonology.

Many of those who worshipped her dedicate their work to the dark goddess. Call on Hecate only rarely, and never hold negative thoughts when doing so. When she is invoked, special care must be taken to remain positive and pure in thought as Hecate has a dark side, and if she senses any in you can she exploit it. Great care must be taken when working with Hecate. Hecate is very simple to work with and very active is she answers your call though once called she is not easy to dismiss.

When invoking this dark Goddess she is more probable to send what she thinks you need, more than what you ask for so best as most witches do, just ask for what she thinks you need. Think carefully before invoking this Goddess as it could begin a lifetime of service to her. If using candles to invoke Hecate black and silver candles hold her power.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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