Modern Magic for Manifesting Change
Change – how easy is it?

Ask any smoker or drinker to give up. It is not easy. Most of us want to change something, how we look, feel, act, but no idea how, or even if we are able to.

The Phoenix, the symbol of death and rebirthThe Phoenix, the symbol of death and rebirthThe fact is, anyone CAN change. The problem is the EFFORT to change. It is an effort and you have to realise that change is not instant, it takes time and you will relapse, you who have times of weakness and failure. It is being able to pick yourself up and continue that will manifest the change. You can do it, if you believe and want the change. That is the focal point of change, to want and believe.

So what has this to do with magic or witchcraft? Everything. Magic is about change, changing something to create something different. By using magic you can change yourself with the forces of everything around you and it is using these forces that will help you gain the strength, confidence, understanding and finally, and especially inner peace.

To Manifest Change
How do you begin? Slowly. Nothing takes kindly to sudden shocks. How long will it take? How long is a piece of string? There would be no definite moment of change. One day you will realise that you have changed. All you need is the desire to begin and to take the first step.

What would you change? Understand this, change nothing to someone else, be yourself and yourself only. Make only changes you want for you and you alone. This is the most important part. People, whoever they are, must accept you for who and what you are. Change only because you want to improve yourself to evolve grow and discover what is better inside. If you try and change for someone else it will not work. You have to want to change with all your heart, life and soul for the change to be true. Don't let anyone else influence who you really are.

We cannot control all our environments but there are some we can especially on hold. Smell is the strongest of our senses and you should learn to work with it. We all know how nice it is to walk into a bread shop smelling the freshly cooked bread or walking to a coffee shop with the room of the freshly ground coffee beans, or walking amongst freshly cut grass. We also know what it's like walking into smelly old toilet, or a changing room, garage smelling of oil and rubber. Smells effect us so let's use it. How? Incense, resin, candles, flowers, even the electrical aroma plug-ins can work.

In this time of change. It is most important take each day one at a time. If you have a bad day. The next day is a different day. If you have several bad days in a row. Do not give up. Do not quit. You can get back on track. Look back through the diary, why are you struggling? What did you do on the days you were on target? Change of environment, your surroundings, your mood. Take control back and refocus.
Make some time to yourself, at least once a week. In this time do something for you. It doesn't matter what it is, read, walk, shop, any think you enjoy, do it. Make sure it is not a chore. This is your time. Plane it, book it, do it!!!

The Beginning
At the start of this time of change it is a good idea to start a diary detailing your thoughts, feelings, activities, etc that can show you patterns of when you are at a high or a low, and that in turn can show you ways to avoid the lows by replacing them with the highs. Maybe a place brings back certain thoughts or feelings, or being alone at home, or being with certain friends can trigger positive or negative responses. In understanding these, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself and what will help you on your way to a new you.

You should consider making a charm, pouch, an amulet or other item to represent the change to take place. There are so many different ways to do this. The simplest way is to make a medicine bag or pouch which is something you can carry with you to remind you what you are changing and why. There are many things you can place inside this pouch, little items that represent your upcoming change , crystals, photos, little snippets of words, anything that shows you the reason you are doing this. Here are some examples of these...

Examples of charm pouches and medicine bagsExamples of charm pouches and medicine bags
Crystal Ideas

Citrine -
this crystal helps to restore the mind and manifest a positive outlook on life. It adds energy and gives emotional balance.

Malachite –
this would help when working with change in fighting it difficult. It can help with blockages, clearing the path ahead.

Rose Quartz –
this helps on an emotional level, especially with the pain of the heart. It can help is love ourselves more giving us inner peace.

Turquoise –
this is an excellent stone for mental relaxation, confidence and stress reduction. It can help communicate with your hide itself, helping you to work more on a spiritual level.

Lapis lazuli –
places under your pillow at night. It can help with peaceful sleep and encourage a dreamlike state with the ability to understand the meaning is of the images created in your mind on awakening. It can also help released buried emotions, enabling them to be dispelled this helping with depression.

Opal –
this is a positive stone. It can help magnify thoughts and feelings increasing the determination in life by adding it rituals and affirmations.

Black Obsidian –
this stone can give stability in times of stress and turmoil. Keeping a stone close can help negate negative thoughts and feelings and help create a barrier against these.

Hematite –
Use this stone to transform negative energy into positive. It can also act as a shield, creating peaceful calm and help you reach your dreams. It is good to place near your computer as it can help the electromagnetic effects, replacing it with a healing aura. This don't can also help dispel fear and give you strength.

Jade –
peace, harmony, tranquillity, mental clarity and the ability or express your inner feelings and emotions. It helps repair relationships and other matters of the heart. It can also help create a harmonious atmosphere in the home.

Red – confidence, courage, beware as it is a strong colour do much over use.
Yellow – optimism, ideas, joy, perceive and understand.
Orange – intelligence, physical attraction and friendship, communication, optimism, self-worth.
Blue – restful, calm, peace, emotional tranquillity.
Pink – helps bring a fresh perspective, joy, happiness and romance start.
Black – protection, the infinite. Shielding, commitment to an idea or cause. Banishing negativity.
Tan – common sense, neutrality, dependability, caring, relaxation.
White – purity, innocence, spiritual purification.
Lavender – spiritual healing, dispels loneliness, sadness and confusion.
(This colour is also used to help open the third eye Chakra

You must be clear, open, patient, trusting and the believer. You can strengthen this using affirmations. Choose an affirmation that corresponds with what you want to accomplish, and then each day repeating its message will enforce it. Engraving the message into your soul in your very being. But the most important thing is you must believe it.

Examples Of Affirmations.
I can learn from mistakes to make me strong.
I am positive I have the power to change my life.
My willpower has the strength to overcome.
I can accomplish anything in my mind to.
I believe in myself and what I can accomplish.
I can accept and believe in myself now and in the future.
I can manifest the miracle of change.

You can use colours and affirmations in many ways. One example is to choose a small piece of paper that corresponds with the thing you need help with the most. I'm not piece of paper writing affirmation, it can be anything but again, it should be something that corresponds with you decide to change. Then roll that paper up and tie with a small piece of ribbon, the colour again to correspond with which ever will benefit you the most.

There are no rules to what you put into your back except you must make sure when you put no pictures of an ex or anything else that can trigger feelings of loss, depression or anger, make sure that everything you put in gives a positive reaction. Just use what you want that makes you feel good.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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