Witchcraft, Magic & Sorcery
So, what are the differences between Witchcraft, Magic & Sorcery?

Witchcraft - The "Craft" that is used by many Pagans to use magic to make changes in the Universe for good or bad depending on their path.

Magic - The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by the use of spells, rituals, rites and other crafting means.

Sorcery - The use of power gained from an intermediary spirit or force to harness energies  to manifest change in the material world.

Witchcraft, Magic and Sorcery have been around since the dawn of mankind. It has always been a part of us, our lives, our history. In ancient times it was used by the mystics, shamans and healers. Science in the modern day in its own way is a type of magic, changing things, creating things, healing etc, but if you look into the past, many of these came from ancient magical skills, iron from Alchemy, herbs for healing from the shamans, understanding the cycle of the sun and moon for predictions for farming, animal behaviour for weather.  In the past these were all done by mystics who had the power or the magic. Is it any different now? Not really.


A Celtic SpellbookA Celtic SpellbookWITCHCRAFT
Okay, let's start with witchcraft. First of all witchcraft is not a religion, it is like its name implies a craft, a path, a way of life. Witchcraft can take many forms and is followed by many followers of the pagan tradition. Witchcraft in the Middle Ages, before the dark ages and witch hunts, was known as the Craft of the Wise. People who followed this path will usually healers of some kind who lived in the country and were able to understand the healing properties of the plants and herbs that the grew.

Modern witchcraft has evolved a more spiritual as well as natural way of life. It is now more a bonding of physical and magical energies that are used to manifest change within oneself and one's surroundings. The energy is drawn from nature around us as well as from herbs, plants, crystals and the elements of fire, earth, wind and water. More experienced practitioners can channel energy from others around them, including deities, the Earth, or even the whole universe.

In Roman times there was a difference between good magic and bad magic which was reflected in their law. What they considered as good magic like healing, divination etc was sanctioned by Roman law and officially recognised. Even the Vestal virgins were said to use Divination. What was defined as bad magic or black magic could be punished with a fine, jail or even banishment.
Simply put, Magic is what a Witch manifests by using her Witch "craft" by use of spells, rituals, rites, hexes or curses.

Sorcery is all about Power and the manipulation of energies in the material plane around you. The practice is simple and to the point. By manipulating reality, acting on the material world around you and using complex, often hidden rituals which may include hand and body gestures, exotic materials and information from potentially supernatural beings such as demons, angels, imps or devils, to bring about what your mind wishes to manifest.

Sorcery it is commonly considered a "Dark Art" because of its interactions with sometimes occult forces . As such Sorcery needs a lot more care and understanding as you are dealing with strong magic with direct results. Commonly used as a means to control the material world energies by working through an intermediary being from of a God, Spirit, Angel or Demon. By use of the intermediary the Sorcerer exerts their will upon the universe. The stronger the magic that derives from supernatural or occult sources, the more powerful the harness of energies that are used to produce preternatural effects in the world as opposed to supernatural.

Derived from the Latin word sors, meaning "fate or fortune," Sorcery is a practice that seems to have been widespread in the past especially in ancient Egypt and in Babylonia where it played a conspicuous role in the it's culture and religion.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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