Sorcerer Or Sorceress
Meditation, reading, learning and researching

Sorcerer or Sorceress, it's all about PowerSorcerer or Sorceress, it's all about Power
The terms Sorcerer and Sorceress are gender specific names defining who is the practitioner. Both are equal in power as ability as a Sorcerer or Sorceress is only limited by the strength of mind, skill and determination of the practitioner.

Being a sorcerer is about more power. There is no good or evil, it is about the primal passion, and deep-seated desire to accomplish the impossible. It was sorcerer. There are no bounds. There are no limits.

As a Sorceress, you strive to alter the environment around and in doing so you to ease the emotional stresses of life. Once mastered it gives you something that the average person does not have the ability to do. Sorcerers are very good at gaining what they want when dealing with people.

Sorcerers do not worry about what outsiders think, they are more concerned with themselves and their own objectives. they consider themselves higher beings and therefore do not waste their time with explaining their own ethics of philosophies to others. Those who practice sorcery already know and understand the craft they practice and do not expect others to even have the slightest understanding of what it is about.

Sorcerers have a very set of beliefs in that you do what you feel is right and you live with those decisions. How ever you use use your power is up to you but in the end, it's your choice and yours alone. Sorcerers also will not justify themselves or their actions to anyone. Once again they choose openly to do what they do and live by that and learn from their actions and reactions. They live each day to the full but will always plan for tomorrow for even though today maybe your last, tomorrow is always prepared in reserve just in case.

All things are unmeasured and unbalanced as Sorcerers spend as much time in rest and relaxation as they do in deep study. The mind must be fresh and relaxed to learn the intricacies of magic. The study of divination is a must but as no one can learn everything in their short lifespan so sorcerers tend to find one speciality and focus on it, making it their life's work. Learning is the be all and end all of being a Sorcerer. Knowledge is power - Wisdom is understanding.

As with all magic one must be very aware of exactly what you ask for. In sorcery there is very little latitude for mistakes due to the power involved. Sorcery will help you attract the types of energies needed to you to make changes in your life. These energies will help with such things as success and luck. While sorcery wont make you win any contests, it will make you luckier. It's about changing the odds using your mindset.

To be a successful sorcerer you need a very strong psychic skills as well as strong concentration meditation and visualisation techniques. These are some of the first skills to master as well as breathing exercises that help increase blood flow to the brain as well as learning to focus on an object without distraction. Being able to pour every ounce of energy into that object, converting that into the manifestation of your conscious thought, tuning it into the desire what you are aiming at is the final pinnacle of becoming a sorcerer.

As a sorcerer, you will spend most of your meditating, reading, learning and researching. The practice of sorcery will comprise in its simplest form will be...

research – practice – refine – practice or put another way, think – do – think again – do again.

Sorcery makes use of focal points more than any of the other arts. These focal points can be any physical object like a candle, crystal, rock, even a picture. the sorcerer then brings into focus the whole of his mind on to that object in viewing the item with his desire or wish. it is at this point that the mental ability of the sorcerer becomes apparent. It is in this action that the object becomes charged and will start to draw energy from around it, and at this point it can be left to continue building its energy while the sorcerer continues on other tasks. The object will continue to gain energy but the sorcerer can then use at a later time. It is the strength of the sorcerer that will empower the object and the strong as well. The more powerful the object will be.

There are no rules about deities. You can choose to have a deity but most don't. The thing to note is the relationship between a sorcerer and deity is not like in witchcraft of God in worshipper, it is more of master and servant, learning from the master receiving energy and power in return for respect and service. The freedom of sorcery means you don't even need a deity, a partnership can be formed with any spirit, Angel or even Demon. Those that choose to "go it alone" do so because reverence to another being, even a God, is beneath them. Sorcery has no rules, do it your way with whatever you feel gives you the greatest access the power.

The Tools of a Sorcerer or Sorceress are simple tooled magic casters, usually only needing only a few items comprising of a Robe, a staff, a deck of some cards, a Grimoire and a Mojo or Power pouch.

The Robe
Of course every Sorceress needs to be well dressed. A robe is simple garment usually adorned round the edge of the sleeves and the hems with with runes and symbols. These are also found around the edge of the hood if the robe has one.

The Staff
Another common implement is a Staff which is an important and powerful tool when working with Magic. Being a weapon, a walking stick and a power focus, the staff is often overlooked as outdated by many magic users. As it will be your lifelong partner it will fulfil many uses it it's lifetime with you. The staff is made from whatever you feel most comfortable with, wood, metal, plastic, as in all things magic, if it feels right - do it! Importantly it should be cut to the height of its owner to allow for the staff to be naturally balanced on the axis of the wielder, the power being stronger in the heart of the staff. A lot of Sorcerers are very aware of nature and know how it is finely balanced thought the universe but know and understand that all things have a place, both wood and metal were put upon this world to be used. Wood is taken from a living entity, metal is crafted from the earth, both contain power in their own way. The Sorcerer uses his knowledge to unlock the power with all that is all around them.

Power Pouch
This is the most important tool in your life as a Sorcerer. This has many names in tradition, Medicine Pouch, Gris-Gris, Mojo, Toby, Ouanga etc. The pouch or bag, whatever you prefer, is designed and made by the person who will hold it. In the making spells, incantations will be spoken with runes and symbols incorporated into the design. This is one of the easiest of your tools to keep with you as it is the easiest to conceal being lightweight and being able to wear it under your clothes. This will contain any items needed in your daily life including power items, crystals, talismans, amulets, herbs and other objects like and some relics. it also will be the storage of your energy or power.

Everything you do will be stored in this bag. It is also used as a focus for meditation, either as individual items or in the bag as a whole depending on the situation. The items contained in the bag should also be multi-purpose as they may be all you have to hand when nothing else is around.

Some form of Deck of Cards
You will also require a very good card or tarot deck though some Sorcerers use a fortune telling deck as the answers are less ambiguous and more clearly understood. As with all things in sorcery you go with whatever works best for you. Experimentation is the way of the sorcerer.

Your Grimoire will be your life's work. This book will contain all your knowledge, spells and rituals and must be protected at all costs. Every success and failure you will put in your book, complete with all the symbols, notations, diagrams and illustrations needed for your craft. this book will be your history, your autobiography and most importantly, your legacy. Your Grimoire is for your eyes only. The knowledge in your book is very rarely shared and is usually passed down through the family strengthening the ancestral family ties often used in necromancy.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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