Gothic Sorcery or Black Magic

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If you wish to use anything on this page then it is used at your own peril. I will not be held responsible if you dabble with the dark side. You do so with your own volition making your own conscious choices and decisions.

If you wish to practice Dark Sorcery, especially that of the Black Arts you must fully understand exactly what you are doing. If you do not and things go wrong you can only blame yourself, any magic user should know they are responsible for their own actions.


Book of Black MagicBook of Black MagicCombining black magic, evil or death in such an intricate way makes black magic feared and misunderstood, but this fear is just a very Western outlook. For example in China it is white that is associated with death while black is linked to life. Most magic users channel positive energy in their spell work. Black magic utilises negative energy, which is considered more powerful and more chaotic.

We all know when we are angry, we seem to summon more power from within and it gives us more strength, what we couldn't break is now breakable, what we couldn't do, suddenly with the influx of raw anger, we are able to do. It is the same in magic of the dark side, it is all about controlling the anger, the power and harnessing it. It is though untrue that the person who works with black magic his evil. The power is a tool, and harnessing that negative energy can also be used for good, as with those who practice white magic could use that positive energy in a spell of malice and harm.

Both positive and negative energy is used by magic casters, though those that choose to work with the negative energies gain power faster and it is more destructive when used for those means. The damage they cause can be estimated by the person’s skills, but it does still remain just a tool. It is the nature of the caster that makes one of the black arts. If the caster works their magic for malice, harm and negative uses then they are in themselves the heart of the black magic, and by doing soon they become heartless, detached from the life around them. If you have feelings then that destructive magic cast would not be affected. This is the reason that dark arts casters are so rare.

The Dark Arts uses the energy within which is the cost of the spell, a form of an aura where the dark force of the spell meets the human spirit. The spells of Black Magic are formed from the negativity energy in and around the caster. It takes great concentration to use Black Sorcery and if you're intent is harm or if something does go wrong, the power of the spell can backfire on the person as they fall victim to their own spell. This is the reason why the use of the Dark Arts is avoided by most practitioners of magic.

Dark Sorcery is powerful and though it can be harmless when used by people who intend no harm. Those who wish to practice magic, especially the Art of Black Magic must understand that if you send out evil, it will eventually come back to you in some form. Black magic spells are powerful though.

When casting any type of magic, not just Black Magic you must be fully aware of the spell you are casting, what you are asking and all possible outcomes. Every spell you cast must be thought through with all elements of the spell in place and all outcomes considered. You must never leave any part to chance. If for example you are asking for money, where will it come from? If you just ask for money, the laws of the universe could give you it by means of a will or inheritance after taking the life of a loved one close to you! You must be aware of ALL consequences of your magic work. Getting in to the habit of using Divination before any type of spell work will make things safer for you in the long run.

Before you do anything, stop and reflect. Do nothing in haste and do nothing in anger. Magic needs a calm and focused mind. If you are going to cast a retribution spell, ensure you are fully aware of what you ask of the magic, you are calm, relaxed and focused and fully understand what you are about to do. Never ever tell the victim about the spell, even if you really want to, this will dilute and in some cases neutralize the spell you cast.

Great care must be taken when casting any type of magic, not just Black Magic. At all times before, during and after you must be fully aware of the spell you are casting, what you are asking and most important absolutely sure of all possible outcomes. There must be full preparation before every spell you cast. It must be thoroughly thought through with all elements of the spell in place and all possible outcomes considered. You must never leave any part to chance so no spell must ever be cast in anger! During any magic work you must be aware of ALL consequences of all your actions. You must do nothing in haste, everything must be planned. Using Divination before any type of spell work is good practice and will in the long run will make things easier and safer for yourself and others.

If you are serious about walking the dark path you must be sure of everything around. You must be calm and collected. Before you even start looking at doing any Black Magic stop and reflect, and think clearly. You must never do anything in haste or anger. You need to control and negative energy, it must not control you. All Magic needs a calm, focused mind especially the Dark Arts.

If you are going to use the Dark Arts, a spell, Hex, Curse etc, you must ensure you are fully aware of exactly what you are asking of the magic. When you are fully focus, calm and relaxed you can begin. It is very important you fully understand what you are about to do. Also you must never tell the victim about the magic you have cast, no matter how much you want to as not only will this will dilute the magic and in some cases neutralize it or even allow them to cast a counter-spell.


above all else,  a witch doesn't get angry, she gets even!

Dark Spells, Charms, Invocations & Hexes

Magical Spell BookMagical Spell Book

Making Your Own Black Arts Oil for Voodoo & Witchcraft Hexing Spells

Black Arts oil is one of the most potent of all hexing oils. It should be handled with extreme caution. It is used in a variety of voodoo rituals. It can be used as a dressing for black candles intended for cursing someone or sprinkled in the path of an enemy.

Black Arts oil is extremely powerful and toxic. It should be used only for the most extreme situations.
Simple Black Arts Oil (for Hexes)
Grind together equal amounts ofBlack Magic Potion BottlesBlack Magic Potion Bottles
Black mustard seed
Black pepper
Stinging nettles
Put in a bottle and cover with mineral oil.
Seal and let stand for 24 hours before use.
half a dropper essential oil of patchouli
half a dropper essential oil of black pepper
a pinch of valerian root
a pinch of black poodle dog hair
a pinch of black mustard seeds
a pinch of spanish moss
a pinch of mullein
a pinch of powdered sulphur
nine whole black peppercorns
Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond. Shake the bottle and it will turn into a dark brown colour. Leave the bottle in a dark area for 9 days. It will then be ready for use in your black magic rituals and spells!

War Water is Iron Rust in water along with other ingredients that are added according to the desires of the Spellcaster.
Mars, the Roman God was the God of War and his metal was Iron.

Additional ingredients included in War Water to make it stronger are magnetic sand and a rusty nail or coffin nail. Spanish moss provides the proper darkness to the rust color of the mix and gives an appropriate "swamp water" scent when you break the bottle open. To strengthen War Water add nails from specific locations
a hospital, to cause injury;
a court house, to make someone lose a court case,
a jail, to get someone arrested,
the person's job site, to make them get fired.

Skull Candle Hex (Potent)
Carve a skull candle with the targets name
Dress with Black Arts Oil
On a piece of brown paper write the targets name with other identifying information
Place the candle on the brown paper and let it burn
When it has burnt out bury the remains far from home on a new moon
Binding Spell
To Restrict an Annoying Person...
Take a 3"x3" square piece of paper.
In black ink write the name of the person that is to be bound on.
 While you do this, in your mind, visualize the face of the person to whome the spell will be directed to.
(Be careful you focus correctly at this point!).
When you have written the name cross it with an inverted pentacle (5 pointed star within a circle).

Fold the paper twice then raise it to your temple and chant three times the following...

"To be protected from you, This magic charm I will do,
With this words I bind thee, For you to let me be,
To be protected from your harm, I now seal this charm".
Now place the paper on the floor, again visualize the person then slam your right foot on it nine times
Each time you stamp on it say - SO SHALL IT BE
After that, pick it up and throw it in a trash bin and walk away.
Hemlock Hex
(Hemlock is an extremely poisonous herb, please handle with extreme care)
On a piece of handmade parchment and using hand crafted ink write the name of the target
Tie the paper to the piece of hemlock with a piece of black ribbon
Bury the hemlock far from home on a new moon.
Celtic Book Of MagicCeltic Book Of MagicRid Yourself of the Vampire Leech
You ever had someone who stole your work, dreams, your lover or friend?
Be rid of them and take your life back
Two black candles
frankincense and myrrh incense.
Real sea salt
Ginger Essential oil

To Prepare
In front of you place a candle on the left and a candle to the right
In the centre place the sea salt
Nearest to you place the incense

Light the candles and the incense then let a small drop of the essential oil fall onto each candle, the sea salt and the incense

Then focus on the person the spell is directed at and say these words

Vampire leech you walk the night
Vampire leech you take my life,
destroy no more of what I've achieved,
destroy no more of what I've received,
Begone, Withdraw, leave me be
My world is mine, I set me free

repeat 5 times

When finished let the candles and incense burn until they all burn out
Basic Hex Candle
Carve a black or purple candle to suit the situation
Dress with Black Arts Oil
Burn the candle
Discard the remains
Cursed PentacleCursed PentacleBitter Curse Spell
Items needed:
1 lemon
1 black candle
9 nails
Cursing Oil
Picture of person (to be cursed)
Black bowl

Light the candle!

Cut a slit into the lemon.
Place the picture of the person inside the slit.

Take one if the nails and feel your anger rise. Visualize your anger.
Pierce the nail into the lemon.

Do the same for the remaining nails.
With each nail your anger should rise for this person getting blacker and blacker.

When you reach the last nail, place the lemon in the bowl.
Pour cursing oil onto the lemon filling the bowl until the lemon is half covered (with oil.)
Let the lemon rot in this bowl on your alter.
As the lemon rots, so too will the life and luck of the person!!
Peppermint Candle Hex Spell
In a small bottle mix some peppermint oil and mineral oil
On a piece of brown paper write the targets name and other identifying information
Carve a black candle as desired
Dress the candle with the peppermint oil while charging it with your intentions
Place the candle on the brown paper and light it.
Let the candle burn out
When it has burnt out bury the remains far from home on a new moon
Depending on the type of spell being worked, be it to curse, heal, harm or bind, various actions are performed on the poppet to cause a similar effect on the recipient.  It can be pierced with pins, nails or other sharp objects to cause pain, cooled with water or heated with fire to cure a fever, or bound with cords to restrict movement.   

Voodoo poppet - find the pattern on my Poppet pageVoodoo poppet - find the pattern on my Poppet pageVoodoo Revenge Spell
Red paint
Blank chart paper
Black candle
Lemongrass oil

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Make a poppet or doll of the person against who you seek revenge, (see my poppet page)

Dip the doll in a pot of Mugwort. Coat the doll with clay. Paint it red.
Stick pins into it and with each pin say the following,
“May the vengeance in my heart,
Sting you like a poisoned dart.
Like a cripple may you live?
Until I so wish.
And like a vagabond may you wander,
Like a trembling gasping fish.
Dead or deaf, mute or maim,
May the higher powers grant my every passionate claim?”
On a blank chart paper, write the revenge you want against the person concerned and their name. Wrap the doll in that paper and fasten it with a string. With a black candle dipped in lemongrass oil, set it on fire and chant the spell until it is reduced to ashes.
Collect the ashes in a bottle and cork it well. Mix the ashes into the drink of the person and feed it. The intended revenge shall begin to show its effect within twenty-four hours of drinking the ashes.

Curse & Hex Removal

Curse Removal Powder
Grind to powder equal amounts of
Red Sandalwood
Pine Needles
Burn the resulting powder on charcoal in a censer
Moving from room to room let the smoke drift round the home out of the censer
Gather the ashes and go to a crossroads
Scatter the burnt ashes to the winds in all directions while praying and affirming that the curse is lifted.
Archangel Michael Hex Breaker Spell
Archangel MichaelArchangel MichaelGrind Frankincense, dragons blood and salt to a finer powder as possible
Blend with sweet almond oil
Dress 3 red candles with the oil
Burn the candles in reverence to Archangel Michael
Prepare a  bath with the remaining oil and place 4 blue candles at each corner
Light the candle and soak in the bath while the candles burn visualizing yourself surrounded in the cobalt light from the sword of Archangel Michael

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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