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Picked up these two tarot sets the same day in my local The Works discount bookstore.
The large cards are very clear and colourful, my only real grip is even the size they are, the writing at the bottom, gold on gold is not very clear to read unless you get in a perfect light situation.

The mini set of cards are worse, even though their size is really handy to carry with you, its darn nearly impossible to read!

There is also a huge difference between the guide book that came with each set:
First the mini hard backed book has no reverse card meanings but it does contain three card layouts, the basic Three Card Spread, the Star Spread and the most popular Celtic Cross Spread.

The guide book for the large deck does feature a reverse meaning for each Major Arcana card but only features two spreads, but these are show the deck laid out in these images. The two spreads are Celtic Cross and the Star Spread. Showing the actual cards in these spreads is  nice touch though.

Would I recommend these? Yes. The cards are good value and the mini set is handy for travel etc if you can read them or know the cards by heart.

Mini Top That Tarot - Cups, Pentacles, Swords, Wands

Comparison between the large and small deckComparison between the large and small deck

Large Top That Tarot Set

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