Power Of The Runes
This is a set of 25 large cards each illustrate a rune through a scene of old Norse life surrounded by a wooden knot work border. Designed around a set of Elder Futhark runes, each card depicts a basis of Viking lore and is strong in symbolism that new age and Nordic neo-pagans may find attracted to. Unique and very visual they are an unusual set of cards that are not quite an oracle deck but akin to them.  

If you cant get the feel for a set of runes or circumstances don't allow runes to be around, maybe due to a young child, these are an inspirational alternative.

Being a lover of Viking runes I really find the look and feel of these cards to be amazing. The colours are bold and dramatic and the deck have a reverse friendly image on the back.  

Even though they are oversized they are very easy to work with.

The pack comes with a small instruction leaflet that gives you what you need to start working with this deck.

The Power Of The Runes Deck

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