Oracle Of The Shapeshifters
Australian Version with the American Version showing the changes below

The Oracle of the Shapeshifters is a myriad of mystic familiars. The set again is by the creative team of Lucy Cavendish (writer) and Jasmine Becket-Griffith (artist), both who also did the brilliant Oracle of Shadows and Light. as before it has the similar cast of large-eyed mystical characters on the cards you can not help feeling a bond with. Again this set of 45 cards and guidebook are packaged together in a hard-cover box set.

The characters that mix mystical gothic type fairies with such an array of beautiful creatures really blend together the animal spirit guide feeling. There is such a range of characters from the Albino Alligator to the Deep Dark Sea Maiden the colour range is breathtaking. As with the Oracle of Shadows and Light, each card gives a meaning and message and as before the book is not always needed to understand what these beautiful creatures are telling you. The focus of this deck is on the hidden knowledge of shape shifting consisting of camouflage, change, invisibility and metamorphosis. These magical characters are ready to share their guidance which is true and honest. If you are willing to change they will help you find the courage, point out new paths, guide you to make fresh discoveries, inspire, encourage and teach you to develop your own hidden abilities to find peace.

The accoupining 164-page guidebook written by Lucy Cavendish reveals the history, legends, lore and magic of the Shapeshifters. It also includes practical spreads for accurate reading as well as full descriptions and meanings of each of the messages.

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Original American Shapeshifters Deck

Oracle Of The Shapeshifters - American Version
These are the changes made to the deck, books and box designs.

Australian deck on the left, American deck on the right

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