Oracle of Shadows & Light
*Please note there are now two different decks
Australian (original) deck and the new American changes below

Packaged as a box set, this set features 45 oracle cards and guidebook. The deck is beautifully illustrated and is balanced with light and dark imagery. Its message It shows us that we should not be afraid to work through our fears and that Shadow is just as important as Light.

The Oracle of Shadows and Light introduce you to 45 beautiful faces with large predominant eyes that appear to see right into the depths of your soul. From Gothic to Angelic, Japanese, Hindu, Hawaiian, faeries, witches and ghosts, even ethereal and earthly beings all feature as messengers who in their own cute and quirky way will deliver authentic, clear and straightforward guidance. Don't be deceived though, each have a shadow side, they are very upfront and don't beat around the bush. Through their messages, which are honest, thought provoking they will help you through each day by helping you believe in your own true self without being afraid. It is a beautiful way to be introduced to shadow work which most avoid, but, with their aid, you will discover the strength to develop your courage, intuition and happiness.

The in-depth, 136 page book that comes with the deck, was created by best-selling author Lucy Cavendish who so beautifully gives us a glimpse into her magical realm. World acclaimed fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith is the enchanting illustrator of the magical mystic beings within this deck. The book gives clear step-by-step instructions on how to read the cards but as the messages are clear and powerful it is quite easy to interpret the message from the cards directly. The book gives delightful and in-depth meanings to all the messages though and is very comprehensive in the information within.

With their high gloss finish they are lovely to handle and use. Jasmine Becket-Griffith is amazing artist. This deck appeals to both my mystic side as well as my love of Goth. Each card has a feeling about it. This deck was my main deck when using Oracle cards until the Shapeshifter set came out. Now I swap between these two amazing decks. This deck I really recommend.

There are subtle differences in the deck as well as six altered designs and one card is changed.  The colours and wording are brighter and clearer on the American deck. The card backs have also changed from the Angel of Alchemy to a golden keyhole. There is also a change to the box front and backs which is matched on the accompanying book. Below you can see the original Australian deck and the changes in the new American deck


Original Australian Deck


New American Deck

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