Les Vampires
Again Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Beckett-Griffith excel with both their artistry and imagination bringing us a new darker themed Oracle deck based on Vampires.

As you can see, this set is a lot darker with a lot of sadness across the deck. One thing to notice, not all the cards actually depict a  vampire, only a few of the cards showing the telltale sign of vampiric teeth! There is a gothic theme running through this deck in the background but looking closely you can also find hints of the Shapeshifters wolves which fir nicely into these scenes.

The accompanying guide book once again is very generous in size, 135 pages. This is in itself a positive point in these decks as many fail to deliver in this side.

I love the imagery in these cards, but my favourite deck by Lucy and Jasmine remains the Oracle of Shadows and Light.

Les Vampires Deck, Book and Box

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