Imperial Dragon Oracle

This is set of 22 oversized cards
This stunning deck was designed by Peter Pracownik, the same person who brought us the Dragon Tarot and the Lord of The Rings deck. Even though this is an oracle deck it feels more like a tarot deck as each card is based on reinterpretations of the Major Arcana, each card is connecting you to the energy of the Dragon it depicts.  

Each card in this dragon themed deck invites you to join with and understand the power of each of these Dragons as they impart their knowledge and wisdom of change to be found within it.

The introduction in the books reads as follows:
Dragons have always been harbingers of change so it should be no surprise that we feel attracted to their energy at this time. This Oracle connects you to the dragon energy and in doing so enables you to start to understand the power of change and the wisdom to be found within it. This in will turn enable you to navigate through life with calmness and ease. Welcome to the world of the Imperial Dragon Oracle. Let it guide you through these changing times."

There is a small companion booklet to accompany the cards
Booklet Contents
The World of Dragons
Dragon myths in the West
Care and Preparation of your Oracle Cards
Getting to know the Dragon Oracle
Casting the cards and Consulting the Oracle
The Oracle Cards and their Meanings

Imperial Dragon Oracle

The Full set of cards are as follows
0 The Seeker (Fool)
1 The Magus (Magician)
2 Wisdom (High Priestess)
3 Fertility (Empress)
4 Power (Emperor)
5 Mercy (Hierophant)
6 Love (Lovers)
7 Adversity (Chariot)
8 Imperial Dragon (Strength)
9 Solitaire (Hermit)
10 Destiny (Wheel of Fortune)
11 Balance (Justice)
12 The Wounded Dragon (Hanged Man)
13 Rebirth (Death)
14 Temperance (Temperance)
15 Mischief (Devil)
16 The Destoyer (Tower)
17 The Firmament (The Star)
18 Lunar Dragon (Moon)
19 Solar Dragon (Sun)
20 The Aeon (Judgement)
21 Gaia (The World)

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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