Enchanted Oracle
Designed by fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth this is a dark gothic style set of 36 Oracle cards based on the fantasy world of fae and mermaids. Matte finish without borders, and quite large they are cards I use when in a certain mood because the imagery again is quite dark and unique.  

The Destiny’s Portal, the guide book for the Enchanted Oracle Deck, is written by Barbara Moore who is also the author of The Gilded Tarot Companion. The book contains the details for 3 spreads as well as information with understanding the readings with help from spells, enchantments and visualizations. The book is a lovely companion to go with this. There is a lovely introduction to the book as follows :

“Welcome To The Enchanted Oracle”
“Seek your destiny through trailing vines and gnarled trees to a secret realm rich with myth and magic. An enchanted place awaits, filled with ethereal faeries and haunting deities. Here sorceresses wield their spells. And it is here where you, surrounded by power and bathed in the full moon’s glow, can weave your future.”

The combination of this beautiful oracle deck and the outstanding book into a lovely boxed set makes this a breathtaking choice to both those starting out or established in oracle reading.

The boxed set I purchased also contained a small fairy charm.

The Oracle Deck, Box and Book

The Full set of cards are as follows
Autumn Splendor
Celtic Witch
Crimson Moon
Dark Enchantment
Dark Queen
Dragon Witch
Emerald Princess
Gothic Rose
Green Man
Green Woman
Gypsy Rose
Jewel of the Sea
Lavender Moon
Love Springs Eternal
Maiden Moon
Mermaid Dreams
Mother Earth
Mystic Mermaid
Night Queen
Renaissance Rose
Shadow Weaver
Silver Moon Fairy
Spirit of Samhain
Spirit of Yule
Tattered Dreams
White Magic

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