Easy Tarot - The Gilded Tarot

The Easy Tarot is a boxed set comprised of The Gilded Tarot and Separate step by step "Easy Tarot" book.

The Gilded Tarot is a stunning, beautiful and very popular deck by graphic designer Ciro Marchetti who creates such stunning imagery in all his tarot decks. The cards are an excellent size for small hands to work with and are of good quality with a lovely glossy finish. The back design is one which does not reveal if a card is reversed.

 The faces have a black background, with a gold frame around the edge. Centered at the top of the each card is a gold framed oval. With the Major Arcana, this oval is black, bearing the Roman Numeral for the card whereas the Minor Arcana the oval is colored, to represent each individual suit: Red for Wands, Orange for Cups, Blue for Swords, and Green for Pentacles. In the middle of the gold frame on each side of the card is a blue-toned circle and at the bottom is a gold plaque with the card details. The Major Arcana this shows the title in black, the Minor Arcana the number and suit is in black and the court cards the title and suit in shown black .

The cards themselves have some breath taking images and looking deeper we see some of the cards also contain animals within the scene, observing. Ciro even tells us those animals also have meanings within those cards.

There is not a specific Gilded Tarot guide book but a specially written companion book entitled "Easy Tarot Handbook" by Josephine Ellershaw. The book is designed for beginners but if you are more experienced you may feel the book isn't to your liking.  

There is also enclosed a large poster-like fold-out guide sheet showing an advanced custom Celtic Cross spread designed by Josephine Ellershaw which adds an additional 4 reader cards to the spread for additional information if needed.

I would totally recommend this as a starter or introduction to using Tarot cards, also anyone looking to buy a tarot deck, look at the Gilded Tarot just for the beautiful imagery by Ciro Marchetti, his style is very bright, colourful, in depth and these cards are all a joy to look at. Some find it hard to grasp the detailed imagery of some of his decks but this one is very easy to learn to read.

The Easy Tarot set is beautiful enough to warrant just the purchase for the Gilded Tarot themselves and for those starting out I totally recommend this boxed set.

As there are 78 Cards in a Tarot deck there are too many to show.  
Here are examples of each suit in Minor Arcana and then the Major Arcana below.

Gilded Tarot Suits - Cups - Pentacles - Swords - Wands

Gilded Tarot Major Arcana

Easy Tarot Book and Box

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