Alchemy 1977 England Tarot
Alchemy 1977 is a Gothic company famous around the world for their stunning gothic artwork. From them comes the basis of this dark, powerful and seductive extraordinary tarot deck. This deck, by Fournier, features famous Alchemy gothic illustrators from around the world put together by Alchemy Carta.

The Alchemy 1977 England tarot is a mixture of horror, supernatural, medieval to fantasy and features such a wide range of characters from the gothic side including skeletons, the grim reaper, fairies, dragons and werewolves. There is also the obligatory Gothic dark queen in all her splendour.

The art is quite exquisite in its own dark gothic way, the Kings are depicted as Dragons and the suit of wands are beautifully gothic black roses, a really nice touch! There is also a tattooed fairy! Even though it is a very dark deck the colours in these cards are very vibrant which gives them a nice feel. One point, the reverse of the cards is an image of a mass of skulls and are not reverse friendly.

The minor Arcana do not have scenes depicting the card, only simple images of suit elements which do fit the theme. Some may find the simplistic imagery hard to read but like all things you learn the feel of the cards and their meanings. Also the text on the cards is quite small so if you have reading problems, with the cards and the small booklet you may need reading glasses or a very good magnifying glass! But the cards themselves are a nice size to handle and shuffle, and feel good in the hand.

The 78 full color cards come in a small box with a very small and disappointing instruction booklet with incredibly small print and nearly impossible to read. For a company like Alchemy Carta, this is a really big let down.

If you are into Goth or like the macabre side of things, even with the problem with the book, it is a must-have just for the beautiful artwork.  

Please note: I have found these cards difficult to work with as they are very slippery!

As there are 78 Cards in a Tarot deck Only a selection are shown. 

Examples of the Minor Arcana with samples from the four suits

Here we have the full Major Arcana

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