Crystal Ball gazingCrystal Ball gazing

Divination and Scrying using Crystal Balls, Mirrors and Bowls

What is Scrying

It is said that everyone of us is physic but very few of us every touch what we are capable of. With patience and practice each one of us is capable of developing their psychic sight. Like Tarot cards, crystal gazing is an art which can take years to learn and even longer to master.

The word Crystal comes from the Greek and means 'frozen water' or 'clear ice'. It isn't important if it's real quartz or glass. Scrying is an ancient form of divination, dating back thousands of years.  

What can you use for Scrying?
So what do you use? Everyone thinks you need a crystal ball, but in reality you can use just a bowl of water or a mirror. While you hone your skills a bowl of water will set you on the path.
Like all things of magic the item that you will eventually use for scrying will call to you and will find you. When it does, you know it is the right thing for you, instinct always leads the way.
The best course of action is to review some of the common methods, and find what speaks to you.
As with most things in magic, it is best to go with your instincts.

This list is just an example of what you can use, as with all things use what feels right to you.
Crystal ball or sphere
Mirror (black or silver mirror)
Glass of water
Bowl of water coloured with ink
Candle flame
Pool of water
Fog or mist over water

Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal ball gazing is Scrying, a way of divining the future through imagery. It takes time to reach what is within us and find a way to manifest it to reality in front of us.

Gypsies have been long associated with Fortune Telling using a Crystal ballGypsies have been long associated with Fortune Telling using a Crystal ball

WARNING - never put your crystal ball in or near direct sunlight as it will magnify the rays and possibly cause a fire.

Dim the lighting first, have only one candle lit behind the crystal and some sandalwood or wormwood incense burning.

Also consider burning Incense and/or meditation music may be played, anything that will induce a state of relaxed or altered awareness, achieving a mental state in which one is receptive to visions.

Before you begin sit in a comfortable position and breathe deeply to the count of four, then hold the breath until the count of four and finally release to the count of four. Repeat this until you feel your body has relaxed enough to give your full concentration to the crystal.

Try to clear your mind of all thoughts unless you have a specific question to ask, then concentrate on that. Your thoughts must be either free or focused depending on the session.

Begin to stare into the ball in a meditative state,  relax your eyes, do not focus directly, remain "out of focus"

You may see a mist and within the mist images or colours may drift in your minds eye. Images are usually symbolic, colours can be hazy. Both images and colours have their own meanings. .

If any images appear to you in the ball, study them. As the images are symbolic like dreams interpretation is very similar to that of dreams so research them using a good dream guide.

If you see colours then interpret them using this as a guide -
White: Encouragement
Red: Perseverance, Survival, Power, Liberation
Orange: Strength, warmth, positive, freedom
Brown: Earth, moderation, solidness, grounding
Yellow: Expanding, confidence, justice, tolerance
Gold: Future, wisdom, triumph, money
Green: Relationships
Blue: Spiritual, thinking, contemplation
Purple: Purification
Black: New Beginnings, Unknown

Continue this for about ten minutes. Do what feels right for you.
If nothing comes then put it in your diary and try again another day.

Remember that it can take months or years to understand and hone your skills. Like going to College then University, it takes time to learn. It is an art like all magic, it can take a lifetime to be master but if its the path you choose then take the time it takes to learn. Nothing this special comes to those who want it now, it comes to those as a reward for those who learn patience.

Cleaning your crystal ball:   

Crystal balls should be cleared and charged when you first get them, and periodically thereafter.
Crystal balls do tend to collect dust and therefore will need to be cleaned from time to time. If your crystal ball is made of a different material it may react to some of the methods, so be sure to do your research.

Do yourself a favour and do not use any kind of detergent to clean it, not even one claiming to be natural or organic as this can leave a residue or film on your crystal ball.
It is best to use purified, distilled, or spring water and then dry it with a soft, clean towel.

Crystal bath.
You can soak them in either salt water (use sea salt if possible) or water with an essential oil added. Soak your crystal ball in the bath overnight, then pat dry in the morning. If you prefer you can allow it to dry outside in the sun, provided it is not too cold outside. Be careful not to use too much salt, as it can scratch the delicate surface of your crystal ball.

If using essential oil, select something that is either purifying (such as lemon) or is energetically in tune with your intended purpose. When your crystals are “done” pour off the water, being careful not to touch the water as it contains the negative energy it has just cleansed.

Smudging. Pass your crystal ball through the smoke, or pass the smudge over your ball.
Incense. Use the same way as smudging. You can choose a purification incense (such as lavender or lemon) or something suited to your current intentions.
You can also use these methods to cleanse and charge your other crystals, but keep in mind these recommendations are intended predominantly for quartz and/or glass Scrying balls.

Charging your crystal ball:  

There are various methods for charging your crystal ball but its a very important step. It increases its connection to the psychic world strengthening  its magnetic abilities to draw images.

The most popular method is to set it where it will soak up moon rays. Do this during any New Moon. It will be even more powerful if charged during an eclipse or other rare astronomical event.
in a bowl of natural water under the full (or some say new) moon.
during a particular moon phase (waxing moon is drawing and increase, waning moon is banishing or releasing, full moon for abundance and completion, new moon for meditation)
outside for 24 hours, starting at day break, allowing it to absorb both the sunlight and the moonlight. Note: avoid direct sunlight.
outside during an eclipse, or other astrological event.
near a pyramid, especially one of precious metal or natural crystal.
in the reflected light of Austrian crystals.
on a quartz cluster.
in sunlight. Note: avoid direct sunlight.
the smoke of wormwood.

Using a mirror for ScryingUsing a mirror for ScryingThe art of mirror gazing (Scrying) is called Catoptromancy, a term that refers to the use of reflective surfaces for the purposes of divination.  Scrying using magical mirrors date back hundreds of years, seers and old wise women used mirrors for visions and insight into the future. Legend says that the Goddess Hecate created the first black mirror.

Scrying mirrors can be used to make contact with spirit guides, to access knowledge for healing and self-improvement, or to define the past, predict the present, and perceive the future.  As a portal into other realms, it can also be used to aid astral travel, and during ritual to communicate with deity.

Scrying can be practised at any time, but best results are often gained in the quiet of night after the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities especially as it is closely associated with the moon. It is not necessary to construct a fully consecrated circle for scrying; it is enough to simply create your sacred space by visualizing a circle of white light surrounding and purifying the appointed working area.  

In a quiet darkened room, place your mirror on a table or altar with a dark cloth beneath it.  Light a candle, one on each side of the mirror, but in such a position they don’t reflect on the mirror’s surface, and if you wish, burn an appropriate blend of incense to stimulate the psychic senses.  Switch off all other light sources except for the two candles, and seat yourself comfortably in front of the mirror.  
Take a few minutes to relax while you tune into the atmosphere created.  

When ready to start, first ground and center yourself then call your guides or guardians to protect the work from unwanted or misleading influences.

Scrying is best when done at night because traditionally night rules the psychic mind. Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and place the crystal on a stand, table or hold it in your hands.

As an aid to scrying, drinking a cup of Mugwort tea has been used for many centuries, and you may find this of assistance in improving scrying abilities. To prepare place two tablespoons of Mugwort in one cup of boiling water, leave to steep for fifteen minutes, strain and drink.

Candles are conducive to scrying. If you find yourself distracted by the reflections and movements of the flame, then experiment by using other light sources, or try moving the candle until you find what works for you.

To begin, when looking at the mirror try not to just stare at it, but look through its surface as if gazing into a dark and endless tunnel.  After awhile, images and colours will begin to take form, they may even appear and take shape outside the mirror surrounding it on all sides.  

When you first start scrying be patient, keeping your first sessions to about 10 - 30 minutes, and gradually work it up to hour-long sessions as you learn.  

The art of scrying is interpreting what you see in the images and colours as they take form.  This in a way it is a little like dream interpretation, and initially you may wish to consult one of the many books on the subject to help define the images you see.  At the end of the day however, the real interpretation will be what those images mean to you personally.   

After you have completed your scrying session, re-ground yourself and close your sacred space.  You may wish to keep a journal and note down any visions you received during your session and later compare them with a list of dream interpretations.  

The more you practice, the more familiar the images and their meanings will become, but you may need to meditate on them for awhile to reveal any hidden meanings.    

In conclusion, there are many differing ways and methods of scrying in addition to the one above, so it pays to experiment and use what works best for you.  Whatever tool or method you use, be it your own personalized mirror, a crystal ball, or simply a bowl of coloured water; it can with time and patience become a font of wisdom and knowledge.  
Believe in your abilities and may you find what you seek.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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