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Developing Your Psychic Abilities - An Introduction

Using your intuition to read Tarot Cards, strengthen your Psychic abilityUsing your intuition to read Tarot Cards, strengthen your Psychic abilityWhat is psychic awareness? It means listening to your intuition and increasing your awareness what is around you. Increasing your psychic awareness helps you to trust yourself by listening to "your gut feeling". How many times did you have a feeling about something, decide to do the opposite but later found it was the wrong path. Your gut, your intuition develops during your lifetime. It is there for a reason. You need to learn to listen to yourself.

This is not about fortune-telling or predicting the future. It is being in tune with yourself, trusting what your whole soul is telling you.

We all know the five senses

Seeing – hearing - tasting – smelling – touching.

Then there is what is called the sixth sense, intuition.

We all also know that those who lose one of their senses or those born deficient in one or more, naturally find their remaining senses increase to compensate. This is the effect we want to manifest in ourselves develop your sixth sense to increase its effectiveness.

There are ways to increase your sixth sense or your intuition. Through meditation, learning to focus, relaxation of the mind and body, you can become better at listening to what your intuition is telling you. Things like palmistry, astral travel, card reading, divination and clairvoyance can all be improved with psychic development.

The first step though, is to let go of your self doubt, if you do not trust yourself or believe in what you are doing. You have already failed. All that you do must be done with a positive attitude. It has already been noted that we only use about 10% of our brainpower at any one time. Why is that such a low number? Maybe there is something more that we yet do not understand.

Learning to listen to your intuition can help you communicate better with people and animals. But more importantly it will help you find peace of mind, a better understanding of yourself, leading to a happier life. All for little of your time. People who use divination, be it a crystal ball, tarot cards, tea leaf readings etc, have already begun using their intuition, their psychic power. If you have never tried it, divination, it is wise to try a few different methods until you find one that feels suited to you the most. This will be the one you will be using to expand your mind. If you already use divination, then you have already started the process.

Caution - be aware that from time to time we all experience of negative emotions, be they, anger, depression, confusion or sadness. At this time it is best to take a break from psychic development. You need clear and calm head for psychic work and the energy needed at this time is best used contemplation, meditation and balance.

Setting The Psychic Atmosphere

As with all things, practice makes perfect. To advance and develop your psychic ability you must use it regularly

Set a place aside as your psychic corner. It needs to be peaceful and calm. Some prefer the outdoors. Working within nature and the open-air but in this method as there could be distractions and also the possibility of bad weather can affect the usability. Unless you are lucky to live somewhere with continual favorable climate indoors would be more convenient. Indoors is a lot more common, especially as the energies are contained within the certain area, therefore increasing the power of those psychic energies. It should be somewhere people do not wander into so maybe the erection of a dividing curtain around the area could be advantageous or an understanding with the others who live with you especially if your chosen area is a common family area.


Before any psychic work you should ensure you will not be disturbed. Switch off your phone, TV, radio, etc. Take time to meditate and prepare yourself both physically and mentally to ensure you in the right frame of mind with no thoughts of worry of any kind.

The area needs to be cleansed to remove any negative energy messages. Using standard cleansing ceremony or spell as suited to your magical path. Include an affirmation based on the psychic development you were working on news that only in this area.

You should also cleanse yourself before beginning any psychic work. Any negativity connected to you can affect the session. Again any cleansing ceremony on routine can be used in keeping with your magical path. You should also shield yourself before any psychic work. During your magical research you should already know of the protection of shielding smell or ritual. It is also worth investing in a talisman or amulet of protection for use during these sessions. You can either make one yourself (which is good magical practice) or one can be purchased from a reputable pagan supply shop.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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