A Gothic Witch?
michaela-jane AKA The GothWitchmichaela-jane AKA The GothWitchWhy am I the GothWitch?

I am an individual who found her own path through the pagan way of life. By combining my love of both the Gothic style and mystery of dark things and the mystical magical world of witchcraft the GothWitch was born. My magic is used for self evolution and discovery. I do not go into the world and declare loudly that I am a witch.

Being a witch is part of my quite and solitary world.  I am a very solitary person. My magic takes me to a world that most would never understand. I have found in my life that people will hate you from many reasons other than your religion. I have learnt to be who I am and those who are true friends will accept me for who I am and those that do not, well that is their choice, but it will never stop me from being who I am.

I do not follow the Wicca Path. In my heart I know there is a balance between light and dark, the same balance that is within nature. No one can truly understand what is light without first understanding what is dark. Wicca is based on an idea that you should not harm anyone or anything. I am not a forgiving person and if anyone was to harm my son then there is no law that would prevent me from wanting to harm them.

There will never be no evil in the world no matter how much people want that to happen. Man, in his own element has evil within him and it is during life's journey that the difference between good and evil is discovered. There are always people of extreme, two obvious examples are Hitler and the Dalai Lama. This in itself shows the balance of what must be achieved. The vast majority of people live in the midway between these two extremes and it is only by looking at the extremes can you truly understand what is truth the balance of Nature.

My pagan life took a slight sideline during the years of my son growing up. There were many changes including work, home, moving to a different part of the country, that my life of witchcraft and paganism had to take a backseat. Then when my son grew up I went back to my pagan roots and reawakened my magical path and set out to learn more about who I was. It was during this time that my research uncovered the influence of Wicca in modern day witchcraft. It has become so ingrained in witchcraft it seems that everyone who calls themselves a witch are also Wicca and the two have become so tightly interwoven that everybody now assumes every witch is a Wicca witch.

I am not a Wiccan.

Being a witch is not about being good, or bad, it is about balance with nature, understanding the whole circle of life and death of everything in this world. To be a witch today, you must discover your true inner self and become one with your true inner self. It is only in the trusting of yourself can you truly begin to understand what is real magic.

EbonyEbonyI love cats but have had a menagerie of animals over the years. With a pet at home you never return to an empty house! Right now I have 3 cats all as different as chalk and cheese! Jinx is my little sweetheart and was totally devoted to me until she found out that when my son sits down to write his fan fiction he is sat quietly for a while which gives her another knee, traitor!

The second is Minx, sister to Jinx and totally opposite in personality, independent, eats and sleeps and likes the quiet life. The last is the typical stay out all night demanding male of my cat family, Smudge. He was owned from kitten by someone who had been told by the Cat's Protection League to keep him in at all times.

By the time he was 18 months old he was uncontrollable and was looking for a new home but most classed him as impossible to rehome with his attitude. I stepped in and he is now the most loving, well adjusted cat you will find. He just needed a life like we all do.

*Since I originally wrote this, I have lost my little baby Jinx, but I went on to home two new rescue kittens, a little black and white tom kitten called Nimbus Nicodemus and a little female who is now called Ebony*

I love Gothic stuff. I have always be drawn to black. I tried once or twice to be "normal" but it wasn't who I really was so I returned to being me and to hell with everyone else. I am who I am, if you can not accept me that way then I wont loose sleep over it.

My interests include - the moon, castles, knights and medieval things, Stonehenge, old historic ruins & churches, the sea, thunderstorms, forest walks, mountains & lakes, autumn, frosty mornings, long walks in fallen leaves, the smell of freshly cut grass, bird song, knickerbockers glories, dragons, chocolate, computers, gadgets, the internet, reading & researching, flea markets, car boot sales & second hand shops

About My GothWitch Site

Today almost everything about Witchcraft is labelled Wicca
I am a Pagan and I am a Witch.
I am not a Wiccan, I do NOT follow the Rede.

I am a Solitary Witch and a very private person.
I spent years researching the pagan path and Witchcraft.
One of the most wonderful things I discovered is that I could be who I choose to be.
I Could follow my own path without rules of Wicca etc.

That was the beginning of The GothWitch.

I created my website to help others on the same journey.
It is to try and teach those who follow to find who they really are and forge their own pagan path.
This site is aimed at helping people learn there are different types of witches and pagans.
Most importantly its to show you do not have to follow the Wicca path.
It is based on listening to your inner self
Trust your instinct, be an individual
Question, Research, Explore, Discover, Learn, Create.
Create your OWN path.

There is no right or wrong way to be a pagan.
Do not listen to others as they are just stating their own opinion.
Listen to your heart, your mind, your soul.
Be who YOU want to be and discover how free it is to be a Pagan.
NOTE - All views are my own.

My website is based on my journey, my discoveries and my path.
They may conflict with others as mine do with others.
If you do not agree with my views then please just leave.
Everyone has different thoughts, views and ideas of how things are.
This page is about mine, and my journey.
If you do not like the content then please leave and take your views elsewhere.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, their own thoughts, feelings and views on things.
If you do not like it, please take your Troll and move on.

I am The GothWitch. Your approval is not required.

Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it...

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